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Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Visual Media Should Present Sensible Content: International Film Makers



Director of film’Material’,Craig Freimond said film is about a qualified doctor who chooses to be comedian.Replying to aquestion that visual media has impacted reading habit of people Craig said that role of visual media becomes more important in presenting sensible content. Riaad Moosa plays the lead character in the film, a young and Muslim man who works in his father’s fabric shop in Fordsburg, Johannesburg. In the family tradition Riaad, as the only son, is expected to take over the family business from his father. Riaad is a respectful son and has certainly not considered any alternatives; This is his life and his destiny. Until one night, through a series of coincidences, he lands up doing an open mike session at a local comedy blub. He discovers a hidden talent for comedy; and a passion is sparked within him like nothing previously in his life. A heart-warming film that ultimately emphasizes the importance of family. Director of ‘All Matthew’s Women’, Artur Wiecek said people of Poland love Cinema. Matthew, a carpenter-artist, a carouser loving life, wine, women and song, dies trivially, as though by accident, choking with a fishbone. But even after his death he does not intend to abandon love conquests and he visits women in their sleep in the town. L Unnoticed and neglected by their bored-with-life husbands the women, thanks to Matthew, find the desire to live. Meanwhile, Matthew’s widow, Caroline, tidying things after the deceased husband, sports various proofs of his infidelity. She realizes that during her whole life she was being lied to by her husband. She decides to break with her past life and wants a fresh start. Director of Cuban film ‘Una Noche’ Lucy Mulloysaid her film is about dreams of two teens getting rich. Fed up with living in poverty while catering to a privileged tourist class, Cuban teens Raul and Elio are tantalized by the idea of fleeing the confines of their broken-down country for a new life in Miami. When Roul is accused of assaulting a foreigner, he has no choice but to escape, but Elio must decide whether his desire for freedom and helping Raul are worth abandoning his beloved twin sister, Lila. Brimming with the nervous energy of Havana’s restless youth and the evocative cinematography of the sun-bleached capital, Una Noche follows one sweltering day, full of hope and fraught with tension that burns to a shocking climax. Director of film ‘ Sister’ (France-Switzerland), Ursula Meir said says it is story of two sisters. A luxury ski resort in Switzerland. 12-year-old Simon lives in the industrial valley below, with his jobless sister. Every day, he takes the sky-lift to the opulent ski world above, stealing equipment from the rich tourists to resell to the local kids back down. As the partners with a crooked British seasonal worker, Simon loses his boundaries, which affects the relationship with his sister. Confronted with a truth they had both been escaping, Simon seeks refuge up above.



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