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Vishhwas Gemstones, the leading gemstone suppliers in India, celebrated the spirit of women empowerment here today by conducting an awareness workshop on “How to buy genuine gemstones and their impact”.

Savita Bhatti, the renowned personality from Chandigarh was the Chief Guest on the occasion and she was honoured by Vishhwas Gemstones for her contribution towards women empowerment. The event was well attended by professionals, housewives and young women. They all showed keen interest in learning the nuances of identifying genuine gemstones.

While interacting with the audience, Savita Bhatti shared her experiences of life and emphasized the need to be up to date with changing times. “One has to keep growing and moving ahead in life. There will be many challenges along the way but one has to nurture the strengths and embrace life as it comes,” she said. Adding that she carefully chooses her jewelry and goes for only genuine gemstones, she said, “It’s important that we make the right choices about gemstones as they have astrological effects. Today’s workshop was helpful in gaining insights into the world of gemstones.”

The workshop on Gemology was conducted by Soli Sethi, Chandigarh Chapter Head of Gemmology  (Forum of Indian Gemologists for Scientific Studies) and Managing Director of Vishhwas Gemstones. He highlighted the benefits of wearing gemstones and how they can impact us in different spheres of life. He said, “Since today’s woman has made progress and has almost achieved equality in terms of narrowing the existing wage gap, she is independent and self reliant. She is inclined to gain more knowledge about purchasing the right kind of gemstones. This is another aspect of how women are empowering themselves and taking their own decisions towards the betterment of theirs and their family’s lives.”

The Workshop covered aspects like how to identify the traits of a genuine gemstone and what factors should be kept in mind while purchasing the gemstones. The process of formation of gemstones and their refinement was also discussed.


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