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Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Virat Kohli Donates all Profit from his Latest Endorsed Sanitation Brand Vize to Feed Malnourished Children

Lately named Brand Ambassador for sanitation brand – Vize, Virat Kohli embarks upon the philanthropic journey and funds Raah Foundation to feed 10000 malnourished children

New Delhi,

The skipper of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli has been named as the brand ambassador of Vize, a new healthcare and sanitation product. And simultaneously committed to donating all his profits earned from Vize to a charity organisation – ‘Raah Foundation’ to feed 10000 underprivileged malnourished children in Maharashtra. In such a high time when COVID-19 has ravaged the entire socio-economic and healthcare ecosystem, a philanthropic deed like this is utterly sublime.


Elated by his association with Vize, India skipper, Kohli said, “As sportspersons, we athletes are recipients of much love and hero-worship. But in these difficult times, it is the COVID-19 warriors who are the true heroes who are putting their lives at risk to save the others. I am pleased to be associated with Vize hygiene products because not only they are world-class products with manufacturing that meets stringent guidelines, but also have helped me commit to social causes. I feel excited to be associated with Vize because it is my way of expressing solidarity with fellow Indians. I’m glad to be a part of this initiative which aims to fight against malnutrition in India through my earnings from Vize.”


The first array of products launched under VIZE are:


·         A hand sanitizer gel

·         Two hand sanitizer sprays

·         A hand sanitizer liquid can

·         Three antiseptic liquids

·         A mobile cleaning spray

·         A set of sanitizing wet wipes

·         A freshener sanitizer spray 

The public health emergency created globally in the wake of COVID-19 is unprecedented. And the increased primacy of health and hygiene is rather unparalleled. In such a demanding time of quality products in personal hygiene and sanitation, the launch of a new brand — Vize is the need of the hour.


Talking about the Launch of Health & Hygiene products of VIZE, Mr Akshat Jain, Founder of Vize and a Graduate from University of Sheffield, UK, said, “Maintaining social distancing and personal hygiene like hand washing is of utmost importance as COVID-19 has ravaged the country. It is up to all of us to prepare to face the pandemic by adhering to our hygiene routine to keep us safe and to protect our families, communities around us and the country at large. VIZE Hygiene products are made up with great care and to exacting standards. We have chosen Virat Kohli as the brand ambassador to reflect the values of preparedness, discipline, rigour, and world-class standards.” 


One of the salient features of the products of Vize is their portability which makes it easy for anyone to use anytime and protect their hands, keeping them clean. These products ensure 99.9% protection from germs and viruses. Healthwise, Vize products are safe. These are manufactured at a WHO GMP certified facility. These products will be made available across all geographies of India through Flipkart, /Amazon and PharmaEasy. 


VIZE products have come up to serve dual noble causes of ensuring protection from the COVID-19 infection as well as extending a helping hand towards feeding the malnourished children through the CSR initiative of the Virat Kohli Foundation. Every Vize product being sold will help feed a malnourished child as Virat Kohli being its brand ambassador has committed to donating all his earnings to the noble cause of fighting against malnutrition. Through the Virat Kohli Foundation’s CSR initiative 10000 malnourished children in Maharashtra are supposed to be fed.


Indian Medical Academy for Preventive Health (IMAPH), a decade-old Medical & Health Advocacy Platform has collaborated with Vize Health to carry out a public health awareness programme towards spreading awareness of the significance of the practice of personal hygiene and handwashing. 


One of the spokespersons of IMAPH said, “The biggest public health emergency of the 21st century created in the wake of COVID-19 has undoubtedly turned out to be an eye-opener to everyone across the world and especially to us — Indians to pay heed to the significance of personal hygiene and its stringent practices. However, owing to the diverse demography of India, there is a lack of awareness amongst the people about the significance and the practice of personal hygiene. In such a demanding situation, the emergence of a responsible player in the personal hygiene space like Vize Health is very much required and indeed a welcome move that supports the cause of spreading messages of personal hygiene with responsibility and purpose.”



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