Violation of American sovereignty is unacceptable: Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden said three suspicious objects destroyed this month in US and Canadian airspace showed no signs of connection to the Chinese spy balloon program and that the objects probably belonged to private companies or research institutions.

In his first address at the White House after a Chinese balloon was shot down off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in South Carolina, US fighter jets shot down three other objects, destroying two in the US and one in Canada. Went.

The US President stressed the need for dialogue with Beijing amid rising tensions with China in the wake of the shooting down of the Chinese balloon.
US President Joe Biden, referring to three suspicious objects destroyed this month in the airspace of the US and Canada, said that the US and Canadian military are trying to get the debris so that they can know about these three objects. To know more

The intelligence community is still assessing all three incidents. He said that we still do not know exactly what these three objects were. It is not yet known whether they were related to China’s spy balloon program or whether they were surveillance vehicles from another country. Biden said the intelligence community’s current estimate is that the three objects were likely balloons belonging to private companies, entertainment or research institutions studying weather or other scientific research.

US President Joe Biden said that I have said from the beginning that we want competition with China, not conflict. We do not want a new cold war. He said that our diplomats will continue to engage in dialogue and I will also maintain dialogue with (China’s) President Xi (Xinfing). He said that we closely monitored the balloon, we analyzed its capabilities and we gathered more information about how it works.

Biden said that we waited until it reached safely above the water area. Not only would this have protected civilians, but we would have also been able to recover enough of its components for further analysis. Then we shot it down, sending a clear message. He said that the violation of American sovereignty is unacceptable. PLC/GT


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