Vastu Tips for Kitchen: Do not keep all these things in the kitchen

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Vastu Tips Kitchen: If you are looking for any article related to kitchen Vastu Shastra or Vastu Tips related to it, then this article will help you.

Mother Annapurna resides in the kitchen

Kitchen is a very important place in the house, it is said that “Jaisa Khaye Anna, Vaisa Hoye Mana” means the kind of food a person eats, his power of thinking and understanding will also become the same. Perhaps that is why kitchen is considered very important in mythology and scriptures. Goddess Annapurna resides in the kitchen. That’s why the kitchen should be kept neat and clean, but sometimes we ignore some things due to which negative energy starts increasing in the house. Whose effect starts falling on the whole family.

You can keep mother Annapurna happy

Some such items should not be kept in the kitchen, which will increase the problems in the house. Let us know that by taking care of some small things, we can keep Mother Annapurna happy.

Poverty prevails in the house

According to Vastu Shastra, it is very important to make every part of the house according to the rules. Not only this, it is also very important to keep things in the right place in the house. Otherwise, the things kept at the wrong place give a lot of trouble to the people of the house. There is poverty in the house. There are quarrels and estrangement in the house. According to Vastu Shastra, some things kept in the kitchen prove to be very negative. That’s why these things should never be kept in the kitchen.

Medicines in the kitchen

Often things like minor injuries or burns happen while working in the kitchen, and for that we keep bandages and other medicines in the kitchen. So that we can use them when the time comes, but according to Vastu Shastra, medicines should not be kept in the kitchen. This can have an effect on the health of the members of the household and the possibility of sudden increase in your expenses increases. Keeping medicines in the kitchen is also very inauspicious. It is said that by keeping medicines in the kitchen, a person starts eating medicines like food. Many diseases surround him one after the other.

Insect repellent in the kitchen

Insect killers should not be kept in the kitchen. This increases negative energy. Along with this, keeping toxic substances at the place of eating can prove to be dangerous.

Mirrors should not be used in the kitchen

With the changing times, the interior of the house is also changing. To make the house beautiful, sometimes some people also put mirrors in the kitchen, but according to Vastu, mirrors should not be used in the kitchen. The stove in the kitchen is the sign of the god Agni and if the reflection of fire is seen in the mirror, it can lead to the destruction of the house. Due to this, internal discord can remain in the house and the economic condition of the house can also deteriorate.

Negative effect of Shani and Rahu from dough

According to Vastu Shastra, when women cook food in the kitchen, they keep the dough left over in the refrigerator at night and use it again in the morning. But talking about Vastu Shastra, it is not correct at all. Firstly, millions of types of bacteria grow in it overnight which can be harmful to health. Along with this, Shani and Rahu have a negative effect on the house. Due to which many types of problems may have to be faced.

Broken and cracked utensils

We use many types of utensils in the kitchen, and while using them, many utensils get cracked or wear and tear, but even after a little wear and tear, we can use those utensils in the kitchen. We do. This is not good according to Vastu. Due to this, the economic condition of the house may deteriorate and there may be differences in the family. That’s why Vastu says that broken and cracked utensils should not be kept in the kitchen at all.

Don’t make store room

Some people have a habit of keeping things they do not use in the kitchen. It is not considered correct in Vastu Shastra. It is believed that junk should not be kept in the kitchen at all. Mother Annapurna may be angry with this.

Temple in the kitchen

There should never be a kitchen in the kitchen. This is also very inauspicious according to Vastu Shastra. Many times, vindictive food of garlic-onion etc. is prepared in the kitchen, due to which the idol or picture of God kept there increases negativity in the house. The gods and goddesses get angry.

Do not keep broom in the kitchen

According to Vastu Shastra, a broom should not be kept in the kitchen. Because there is dirt in the broom. Because of which dirt increases in the kitchen. Food is prepared for the kitchen members. That’s why the health of the members of the household is badly affected.

After reading this article, you will not need any Vastu Shastri, at least you will be able to do Vastu Shastra of your kitchen, as well as you can keep Maa Annapurna happy.


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