Vastu Shastra: The idol of God placed in the wrong way can create many troubles in life.

Lord Ganesha has special significance in Hinduism. It is considered mandatory to worship Ganapati before starting any auspicious or auspicious work. Lord Ganesha is considered the god of joy and happiness. Along with this, he is also considered to be the destroyer of obstacles. That is why he is called Vighnaharta.

According to Vastu, it is very important to have the knowledge of the direction while keeping the idol or picture of Ganpati in the house. Because a wrongly placed idol can create many troubles in life.

The idol of Lord Ganpati should not be installed even by forgetting in the south direction of the house. Along with this, do not install the idol of Ganpati in toilets, dustbins, store rooms, under stairs etc.

While bringing the idol of Ganesha in the house, keep the posture in mind. It is considered best to bring a picture or idol of Ganesha sitting in Lalitasan. Because this mudra represents calm and peace. Apart from this, one can bring a picture or idol of Ganapati in a lying position. Because such a posture of Ganapati ji represents luxury, comfort and wealth.

While bringing the idol of Ganapati ji home, keep in mind that in which direction his trunk is facing. Because this direction signifies success and positive energy.

While bringing the idol of Ganesh ji home, keep in mind that Ganpati must have a modak in his hand and he is also a mouse. Because Modak is Ganapati’s favorite food and mouse is the vehicle which represents our mind and material desire.

It is advisable to keep only one Ganesh idol in the house. It is believed that more than one idol blocks the flow of positive energy. Therefore, keep only one idol of Lord Ganesha in the house.


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