Vastu Shastra Secrets of Shami and Aloe Vera Plant Synergy

Plants Vastu Shastra
Plants Vastu Shastra

These plants balance the three planets, definitely plant this plant in the house along with Shami, know the Vastu Shastra of trees and plants. In Vastu Shastra, it has been explained in detail about keeping trees and plants in the right direction and which plant should be planted with which plant. By planting it in the right direction with the right plant, its direct impact is visible on our lives. At the same time, if wrong plants are planted together then its negative impact is also seen on our life. What are those plants which, if planted together, can balance our planet?

Why is Shami plant worshipped?

According to religious beliefs, Shami plant is considered very effective. It is believed that worshiping Shami plant reduces the effect of Shanidosh. Besides this, negativity also gets removed from the house. Shami plant has architectural as well as religious importance. The special importance of Shami plant has also been mentioned in Vastu Shastra. Planting Shami plant in the house removes negativity. Also, Shani is considered to reside in Shami plant. Talking about its direction, it is considered auspicious to plant Shami plant in the east or north direction.

Why is Aloe Vera plant worshipped?

Aloe vera is considered a symbol of planet Mercury. Mercury represents intelligence, knowledge and business. Aloe vera has also been linked to the planet Venus. Applying aloe vera also brings success and prosperity in business. Aloe vera is important for improving marital and family relations. Not only this, Aloe Vera is also considered very auspicious for mental peace.

Benefits of applying aloe vera

According to astrology, planting aloe vera in the house increases love, progress, wealth, promotion and prestige. According to Vastu, planting aloe vera plant in the east direction of the house gives peace to the mind. Apart from this, you can also plant Aloe Vera plant in the south-east corner. It is considered best to plant Aloe Vera plant in the west direction of the house. This leads to auspicious results.

Can Aloe Vera and Shami plants be planted together?

Planting Shami and Aloe Vera plants together helps in maintaining balance between the planets Saturn, Mercury and Venus. Apart from this, planting them together is also considered auspicious. Both these plants transmit positive energy. Planting Shami plant strengthens the planet Saturn, which brings success and prosperity in career, while Aloe Vera strengthens the planets Mercury and Venus, hence a person gets success in trade and business. Both these plants also increase family happiness.


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