Vastu Curry Leaf Plant Placement Guide: Cultivating Health & Harmony

Curry leaves
Curry leaves

New Delhi : According to Vastu Shastra, many measures have been suggested to remove Vaastu defects in the house and bring happiness and prosperity in life. Trees have great importance in human life. Some people like plants so much that they plant them anywhere in the house. But in Vastu Shastra, information is given about the right direction for planting trees.

Today we will learn about curry leaves and what is its correct direction. Curry leaves are kept in most of the houses, because curry leaves are used extensively to add flavor to the food. However, people do not know in which direction it is kept. Something has been said about this in Vastu Shastra…

According to Vastu Shastra, the west direction of the house is considered to be the direction of the Moon. Planting any domestic plant in this direction can give auspicious results. Planting a curry plant in this direction keeps a person’s health good.

It is said that planting curry leaves in the home garden removes negative energy. This also brings happiness and good fortune in life.

Curry leaves are considered very beneficial not only in astrology but also from health point of view. Curry leaves provide relief from cancer and diabetes. Its leaves have anti-mutagenic properties. This helps in eliminating stomach cancer. Not only this, it is also very beneficial in preventing heart disease. Curry leaves are also considered good for eye health.

If you are always stressed then pluck a curry leaf and take your eyes off it. This will calm your mind and relieve stress.


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