Vastu and astrological rules for feeding and watering birds


Ayodhya  : Birds are also especially important in our lives for the balance of nature. Actually, birds arrange their own food. But there are some people who feed the birds. Giving food and water to birds is considered a very virtuous act. Even in Vastu Shastra, giving food and water to birds is considered very good. Some rules have been mentioned when giving food and water to birds. If you follow these rules then you can get success. Let us know what those solutions are and what rules should be followed while giving food and water.

What things to keep in mind
If the condition of Rahu-Ketu and Saturn is not good in your horoscope then you should feed black colored birds. Giving food to black birds reduces the effect of Rahu, Ketu and Saturn. If there is Mahadasha of Rahu-Ketu in the horoscope then feed millet to black birds.

The moon grows stronger
Giving water to birds is considered very good. This strengthens the moon. According to Vastu Shastra, make the place for drinking water in the north-east, east or north. Try to make arrangements for their water in the courtyard located in front of your house.

Will have a child
Giving grains to small birds like sparrows or small birds gives auspicious results. If you do this then you can get the happiness of having a child. Feeding birds also gives you inner satisfaction.

Pay attention to the direction
If you are planting grains on your courtyard or terrace then you should take care of the directions. Never put grains in the south-west corner. Whenever you pour food, always pour it in East or North. At the same time, if you are putting grains to pacify Saturn, then in such a situation, put grains in the west direction also. To strengthen the position of Sun in the horoscope, wheat can be put for all the birds in the east direction. You can also add rice.

Pay special attention to these things
Never throw spoiled wheat, rice or millet on the roof to feed birds. This comes under Pitra Dosh. While feeding wheat to birds, never mix black lentils in it. Never feed lentils. Use only jowar, millet, wheat and rice to feed the birds.

If you keep all these things in mind then you have more chances of benefiting.


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