Vande Bharat train
Vande Bharat train

The semi-high speed Vande Bharat train of Indian Railways developed with indigenous technology is faster than the foreign bullet train in reaching the speed of zero to hundred kilometers. Railway Board officials claim that while the bullet train takes 55.4 seconds to reach the speed of zero to 100 kmph, Vande Bharat achieves this speed in just 54 seconds.

Railway officials say that Vande Bharat is quite an upgrade. That’s why its speed is better. It is not driven by an engine but with the help of automatic motors. Motors are installed in five coaches of this 16-coach train. Accelerated speed is more with the help of automatic motors.

The 20 motors installed in the entire train of Vande Bharat are more effective on one engine installed in front of the bullet train. Presently the speed of Vande Bharat train is 160 kmph. The new version will be 180 kmph. While the upgraded version will run at 260 kmph by 2025 in a phased manner. With this the distance from Delhi to Patna will be covered in just 4-5 hours.

At present Rajdhani Express takes more than 12 hours. Railway Board is preparing to run 400 cm high speed Vande Bharat train across the country. For this, high capacity power lines (2 x 25) are being laid on the lines of countries like Japan, France, China, Germany etc. Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto also run with the help of one engine. In such a situation, it takes 1.5 minutes for these trains to reach the speed of zero to 100 km. However, the railways has increased the pickup in some trains by installing engines at the front and rear. PLC/GT


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