Usha Martin Limited signed a technical assistance agreement with Aichi Steel Corporation (ASC), a leading specialty steel and forging company of Japan. With technical assistance from Aichi Steel, Usha Martin aims to achieve operational excellence and enhance quality level of its steel products to the best in the class. Usha Martin’s steel plant, set up in 1971 near Jamshedpur, is a vertically integrated plant with major raw materials coming from its captive coal mines and iron ore mines. “By joining hands with Aichi Steel, Usha Martin aims to improve its production efficiencies and utilize its facilities to produce higher value steel products. In addition, support from Aichi Steel, a Toyota group company, will help Usha Martin to have a larger presence in passenger vehicle market.” Sh. Rajeev Jhawar, the Managing Director of Usha Martin said. Usha Martin is amongst the world’s leading wire-rope companies and a leading specialty steel producer in India in long products segment. The capacity of its specialty steel plant has been recently expanded. In FY 2012-13, the steel production was 0.6 million Tonnes, an increase of 14% compared to last year.  Mr.Jhawar said, “Aichi Steel is globally known for its unwavering commitment to quality. Partnership with Aichi Steel will help Usha Martin to further enhance its quality levels.” Aichi Steel has Specialty steel, stainless steel, Forgings and Electromagnetic products as its main products.  Established in 1940, ASC’s steel plant at Chita, Japan has state-of-the-art Steel making, rolling and inspection facilities. It is one of the largest producers in Japan for straight length specialty steel products. In FY 2012-13, ASC’s production of specialty steel and forgings was 1.2 million Tonnes. Aichi Steel has significant international presence in business of forged products. By joining hands with each other, both companies look forward to strengthen their respective business in future.

 Business Locations

Aichi Steel Corporation is a leading Specialty Steel and Forging company in Japan, with nine subsidiaries in Japan and 9 overseas subsidiaries.


Head Office: Tokai City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan


Subsidiaries in Japan:

  • Aiko Corporation
  • Aichi Ceratec Corporation
  • Omi Mining Co., Ltd
  • Aichi Techno Metal Fukaumi Company
  • Aichi Steel Logistics Co.,Ltd
  • Aichi information System Company
  • Aiko Service Co., Ltd.
  • Aichi Micro Intelligent Corporation
  • Asdex Corporation
Overseas subsidiaries:

  • Aichi Forge USA, Inc.
  • Aichi Forging Company of Asia, Inc.
  • Shanghai Aichi Forging Co., Ltd.
  • Aichi International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • P.T. Aichi Forging Indonesia
  • Aichi Europe GmbH
  • Aichi Magfine Czech s.r.o
  • AMIT Inc.
  • AICHI Korea Corporation


Usha Martin Limited is a leading Integrated Speciality Steel company and one of the largest Wire Rope manufacturers globally with facilities spread across major global markets –


Corporate Office         –                       Kolkata, India

Steel Plant                   –                       Jamshedpur, India

Iron Ore Mine                         –                       Barajamda, India

Coal Mine                   –                       Daltonganj, India

Wire/Wire Rope Plant –                      Ranchi, India

Hoshiarpur, India

Thailand, UK & Dubai

Bright Bar Plant          –                       Ranchi, India

Chennai, India

Distribution & Marketing                  United States, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, Australia  and China


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