US President Joe Biden said about the relationship with India that he has a very good relationship with India and that is why he has also visited India twice. He said that if given a chance again, he would like to go to India again. Biden also appreciated bilateral relations with India.

At the same time, a spokesperson of the US State Department said that India’s relations with Russia have evolved over several decades. Price said it has evolved over the decades when the US was not prepared for or became the partner of choice for the Indian government.

But now the situation has changed, he said. Relations with India are a legacy of a bipartisan tradition that has been going on for more than two decades now. The relationship between the two countries actually began to grow with the former President (Bill) Clinton administration, of course America’s partnership with India grew in the former President George W. Bush administration and it became the partner of choice for India, in which There is also the matter of security. PLC/GT


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