US involved behind the scenes in Ukraine war: Russia
Moscow. Regarding the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, Moscow has alleged that America is indirectly involved in this war. Russia’s Defense Ministry has claimed that Washington was directly involved in the war and provided intelligence that led to mass casualties of civilians.

Russia said the US was responsible for Kyiv’s rocket attacks on populated areas in the eastern Donbass and other regions. Russia’s ministry said in a statement that it “indisputably proved that Washington was directly involved in the conflict in Ukraine, contrary to the claims of the White House and the Pentagon.” The Biden administration has so far provided more than 8 billion in security aid to Kyiv since Russia’s attack on Ukraine in February, including an additional $550 million tranche announced on Monday.

America has been denying that it is involved in this military conflict. The Kremlin’s statement comes after an interview with Vadim Skbitsky, the acting deputy chief of Ukraine’s military intelligence. Skibitsky said the US-manufactured long-range Hymer artillery system has been extremely effective in eliminating Russian fuel and ammunition piles. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the US’s direct involvement in the Ukraine war no longer needed any further confirmation. PLC/GT


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