US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit has angered Beijing

US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in Tokyo that the US would not allow China’s attempt to isolate Taiwan to succeed. Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan has angered Beijing and has triggered a major military exercise in the Gulf of Taiwan.

Pelosi said in Japan that ‘they can try to prevent Taiwan from going elsewhere or participating, but they will not be able to isolate Taiwan by stopping us from traveling there.’

According to the news, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in Japan said that ‘Our friendship with Taiwan is strong. It has the backing of both parties and the overwhelming support of the House and Senate for peace and the status quo in Taiwan. Pelosi said that they are not scheduling our visit, the Chinese government is not doing so.

Nancy Pelosi said that perhaps the Chinese carried out attacks using our visit as an excuse. They have tried to isolate Taiwan. Recently he was excluded from the World Health Organization.

Pelosi said that our representation here is not about Taiwan changing the status quo in Asia. It is about the Taiwan Relations Act, the US-China policy, all laws and agreements that maintain peace and the status quo in our relationship and the Taiwan Straits. On the last leg of her Asia tour, Nancy Pelosi met with Japanese PM Fumio Kishida.

Kishida said the two allies would work together to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, a major shipping route. Japan has warned that the Chinese threat to Taiwan is a threat to its national security. PLC/GT


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