Monday, July 13th, 2020

Urgent need to create social awareness on Dengue!

dr. kk aggarwal INVC NEWSINVC NEWS New Delhi,

Although, the dengue fever cases registered have decreased over the past few years; the tropical disease has seemed to bounce back in India at a five-year high. The reason for this is the outbreak of a new type of disease virus known as Dengue 4. Given this scenario, the disease occurrence will continue for the next one month, and necessary prevention measures must be taken. It is extremely important to note that platelet transfusion is only needed in dengue cases where the platelet count is less than 10,000, and there is active bleeding. Unnecessary platelet count can cause more harm than good. Adequate hydration is the best management approach to dengue while monitoring crucial signs. In most cases, hospitalization is not required, and families must not insist towards this as it deprives seriously ill patients from getting hospital beds. Only severe dengue cases must be admitted basis the treating physicians discretion. One must always remember that 70% of the dengue fever cases can be cured just through the proper administration of oral fluids. Patients must be given 100-150 ml of safe water every hour and it must be ensured that they must pass urine every 4-6 hours. Speaking about this issue, Padma Shri Awardee Dr. KK Aggarwal Honorary Secretary General IMA and President HCFI said, “The misconceptions that people have about the mosquito-borne tropical disease has contributed towards making India the ‘Dengue capital’ of the world. Nowadays, individuals ignore the fact that the disease is manageable and preventable. Also, it can be effectively treated with the right kind of first aid, medication, and precautions. In addition to this, people forget that surviving dengue the first time doesn’t make us immune to reinfection with another strain, so one should always take precautions after recovering from the infection. The need of the hour is to raise awareness about prevention, treatment options and busy common myths about the disease. Instead of panicking and spreading panic, we must all work together towards solving the problem and preventing as many cases as possible.“



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