How Urfi Javed’s fans look at Urfi Javed is not a subject of any research, now your perspective on Urfi Javed is about to change, because the painful memories shared by Urfi Javed are very sad.

Social media influencer Urfi Javed

Renowned social media influencer Urfi Javed often grabs a lot of headlines on social media for her unusual style and colorful clothes. Urfi was recently seen at the Lakme Fashion Week, in which she was seen in her boldest look till date. Now after a long time, while sharing the stories of her childhood, Urfi told that she used to do fashion to make herself feel good. Urfi is not dependent on any identity today. From the common people to the Bollywood industry, she has managed to make her mark. Many people troll Urfi for her fashion sense.

In childhood, Urfi Javed was beaten a lot by his father.

At the same time, some people admire Urfi’s confidence and also address her as Fashion Influencer. She believes that Urfi has revolutionized the fashion world. Recently, in an interview, Urfi shared her childhood experiences and anecdotes about how bad her childhood was and that’s why she is very fond of fashion. I went. Urfi said, ‘My childhood was very scary. At that time, making new things from clothes used to give me peace.’ She told that whenever things went wrong with her, she used to look in the mirror after grooming herself and putting on makeup, after which she felt very good.Urfi He further told that he had been beaten a lot by his father in his childhood, after which his mind used to become very depressed.

Know that Urfi Javed does not mind

To overcome these things, he started doing something creative. Later it became her passion and she brought it to the world. Today, even though she is trolled for her clothes, it does not make any difference to her. Let us tell you that it is believed that Urfi will soon be seen in Rohit Shetty’s reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi, but after Rejecting these speculations, Urfi told that this news is just a rumour. Apart from this, Urfi’s videos also become quite viral on social media.

Sources and speculations always keep the news market hot in the news circles, it is absolutely true that sources and speculations have also made big revelations.



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