Urfi Javed’s new propaganda: reached the disco wearing a bra

In this video, Urfi Javed is seen swinging in front of the camera. Loud music is playing in the background and Urfi along with her friend is seen shaking her body to this music.

Seeing the fashion sense of Urfi Javed, people’s heads are baffled. Sometimes she comes in front of the camera wearing a dress made of blades, and sometimes she comes with a sack wrapped around her body. But this time as soon as the weekend came, Urfi reached the party late at night.

As soon as the in-side video of this party came on social media, everyone was surprised to see the look of the actress. This time the actress reached the party to enjoy the weekend wearing only a bra. This video of Urfi’s bold look is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

This latest video of Urfi Javed is inside the disc. Another woman is seen with Urfi in this video. This woman is also wearing a revealing dress of black color. On the other hand, talking about Urfi, the actress is wearing a black print bra in a white base and after that, just to cover the body, has wrapped a small cloth named at the bottom.


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