Unveiling the Mysteries of Patal Ganga Kund in Darbhanga


Darbhanga: Nestled in the sacred land of Darbhanga, Patal Ganga Kund stands as a testament to the rich religious and cultural history that this region proudly holds. A place where Lord Rama’s footsteps echo alongside the sacred abode of Mata Ahilya and the meditative retreat of Gautam Rishi, this mystical site has stories veiled in the depths of its waters.

The Enigmatic Connection with Gautam Rishi

Legend has it that Patal Ganga Kund is intricately linked to the ashram of Gautam Rishi, a connection dating back to the Satyug era. This is the very place where Gautam Rishi immersed himself in deep meditation, creating an aura that has endured through the ages. What sets this location apart is its perennial nature; the waters here never dry up, a phenomenon attributed to the sanctity of Gautam Rishi’s penance.

The Divine Intervention

During a sacred yajna conducted by Gautam Rishi in the midst of this dense jungle, a plea was made to Lord Varuna for an abundance of water to ensure the successful completion of the ritual. In response, Lord Varuna blessed the land with an everlasting supply of water. The result of this divine intervention is the expansive Patal Ganga Kund, a reservoir that remains immune to droughts.

The Five Enigmatic Patalganga Kund Springs

Within the current reservoir lies the hidden treasure of five distinct Patalganga Kund springs, each with its unique taste and character. Local priests narrate fascinating tales of the water’s properties; a mere touch of bamboo is said to stir the waters, causing it to fill up magically. The locals, accustomed to the annual deluge bringing debris into the reservoir, follow a unique tradition of cleansing it with a single bamboo stroke, miraculously restoring its pristine state.

Sustaining Purity Amidst Adversities

In times of floods, when impurities from all directions threaten the sanctity of the reservoir, the custodians of Patal Ganga Kund take charge. After meticulously drying up the entire pond, a simple gesture of inserting a bamboo stick sees the waters return, purified and ready for religious ceremonies.

The Living Legacy of Gautam Rishi’s Ashram

Today, the grand ashram of Gautam Rishi stands as a living testimony to the ancient Satyug era. The makeshift abode that Gautam Rishi once inhabited has evolved into a majestic sanctuary, attracting pilgrims and seekers from far and wide. The ambiance here exudes divinity, and the place remains an eternal reminder of the spiritual vibrancy that once permeated the air.

In conclusion, Patal Ganga Kund in Darbhanga is more than just a reservoir; it is a living chronicle of divine connections and mystical occurrences. Its perpetual water flow, tied to the ascetic practices of Gautam Rishi, ensures its significance through generations. As we explore the hidden narratives and traditions surrounding this sacred site, it becomes evident that Patal Ganga Kund is not merely a body of water; it is a reservoir of ancient tales waiting to be unveiled.


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