Unmasking Corruption: G-20 ACWG Summit Gathers in Kolkata


New Delhi  : The vibrant city of Kolkata is set to host the third and final meeting of the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group (ACWG) from August 9 to 11, 2023. Under the able leadership of India, this summit promises to be a defining moment in the ongoing global battle against corruption.

A Global Gathering

Distinguished by the participation of over 154 delegates hailing from the G20 member nations, complemented by the presence of representatives from ten specially invited countries and several eminent international organizations, this conference is a true embodiment of multilateral cooperation. The synergy of minds, diverse in their origins yet united in purpose, seeks to dismantle the intricate web of corruption that can often undermine the foundations of societies and economies.

Gearing Towards Ministerial Milestones

As the ACWG meeting draws to a close, another pivotal event awaits on the horizon – the G-20 Anti-Corruption Ministerial Meeting scheduled for August 12, 2023. Guided by the sagacious leadership of Dr. Jitendra Singh, Minister of State (Independent Charge) for an eclectic array of ministries, ranging from Science and Technology to the Prime Minister’s Office, this high-profile gathering is set to be a definitive step forward.

Igniting Political Momentum

The forthcoming ministerial consultation is not merely an ostentatious display of international camaraderie, but rather a dynamic platform that injects fresh political vigor into the global anti-corruption crusade. The ACWG, standing as a stalwart sentinel against the corrosive forces of corruption, occupies a pivotal role in shaping international endeavors aimed at eradicating this malaise.

Nurturing Success Under India’s Stewardship

As the custodian of the G20 Chairmanship, India has consistently championed the cause of combatting corruption. One noteworthy milestone in this trajectory was the formulation of the Nine Point Agenda for Action against Fugitive Economic Offenders and Asset Recovery, meticulously presented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the G20 nations in 2018. The Indian leadership’s resolute commitment to this cause has yielded tangible results, with significant strides achieved in the realms of anti-corruption action and asset recovery.

The Road Ahead: A Confluence of Expertise

The imminent Kolkata summit stands as a testament to the collective resolve of nations to fortify the foundations of ethical governance and economic integrity. The convergence of diverse expertise, cultural perspectives, and policy insights promises to be a crucible of innovation, fostering groundbreaking strategies that will reverberate across borders and create a resounding impact on the global fight against corruption.

In Conclusion

The G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group summit in Kolkata, backed by the unwavering support of India’s leadership, embodies the aspirations of a world free from the shackles of corruption. The forthcoming ministerial consultation and the remarkable progress achieved thus far underscore the unwavering commitment of nations to forge a path towards transparency, accountability, and justice.


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