Tiger 3 Movie Review
Tiger 3 Movie Review

Salman Khan’s latest spy thriller, ‘Tiger 3,’ continues to dominate the box office, creating a buzz among fans. As cinephiles flock to theaters to catch the dynamic duo of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif on the big screen, the movie’s impressive performance during the non-holiday season suggests that it’s on track for a phenomenal run.

Impressive Sixth Day Collection

The sixth-day box office collection of ‘Tiger 3’ has surpassed expectations, reaffirming its position as a blockbuster. Estimates suggest that the movie raked in an impressive 13 crores on its sixth day, bringing its total earnings to approximately 200 crores within just six days of release.

Joining the 200 Crore Club

With this outstanding performance, ‘Tiger 3’ has effortlessly entered the coveted 200 crore club. Salman Khan, Imran Hashmi, and Katrina Kaif starrer has not only met but exceeded the anticipated milestone, solidifying its place among the top-grossing Bollywood movies.

Box Office Triumph Beyond Holidays

What makes ‘Tiger 3’ stand out is its ability to draw audiences even during non-holiday periods. The Diwali festive season undoubtedly boosted its earnings, but the film’s consistent success post the festive period is a testament to its wide appeal.

Salman Khan’s Box Office Charm

Salman Khan, often referred to as the ‘megastar’ of Hindi cinema, has once again showcased his box office prowess. With ‘Tiger 3,’ Salman adds another feather to his cap, continuing his trend of delivering films that resonate with the audience.

Fan Following and Box Office Milestones

Salman Khan’s fan following is unparalleled, and his box office track record speaks volumes. Having starred in 17 films that crossed the 100 crore mark, Salman’s fan base is known for its unwavering support. The massive box office collection of ‘Tiger 3’ is a clear reflection of the immense love and admiration fans have for Salman Khan and his movies.

The Salman Khan Magic

In true Salman Khan style, ‘Tiger 3’ has once again cast a spell on audiences. The film’s success goes beyond just numbers; it’s a testament to the enduring charisma of Salman Khan and the magic he brings to the big screen.

Looking Ahead

As ‘Tiger 3’ continues its triumphant run at the box office, all eyes are now on its total collection. The film has set a high bar, and the question on everyone’s mind is how far it will go after the first week. With an already impressive 200.65 crores in its kitty, ‘Tiger 3’ is poised to create new milestones in Bollywood’s box office history.

In conclusion, Salman Khan’s ‘Tiger 3’ has not only shattered records but has also reaffirmed his position as the reigning superstar of Hindi cinema. The film’s success is a celebration of not just cinematic excellence but also the unmatched connection Salman shares with his fans. As the journey of ‘Tiger 3’ unfolds, it promises to be a remarkable ride filled with box office triumphs and fan-filled accolades.


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