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Geneva : The United Nations (UN) has called a meeting on July 18 to deal with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) threat. The UN chief said last month that scientists and experts called on the world to act, terming AI as an existential threat to humanity comparable to the threat of nuclear war.

War of intelligence: Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence

Guterres also announced plans to set up an advisory board on artificial intelligence in September last year to spearhead the initiative on behalf of the United Nations. Woodward said the UK wanted to encourage a multi-pronged approach to managing both the huge opportunities and risks that artificial intelligence presents to all of us.

He emphasized that this would require a global effort. He called for helping UN development programs, improving humanitarian aid operations, assisting peacekeeping operations, and preventing conflict, including collecting and analyzing ‘data’. Citing the capabilities of AI to assist, he said that the benefits of this are also many. Woodward said it could potentially help us narrow the gap between developing countries and developed countries.

Human Security and the Dark Side of Artificial Intelligence

However, the threats arising out of this also raise very serious security related questions, which also need to be addressed, he added. Explain that in this meeting organized by Britain, the possible use and risk of artificial intelligence (AI) in autonomous weapons or in the control of nuclear weapons etc. will be discussed. British Ambassador Barbara Woodward said the meeting, to be held on July 18, would be a key issue during the council’s presidency this month. It will be attended by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and several AI experts.


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