Secrets of Car Tyres Numbers
Secrets of Car Tyres Numbers

Why are numbers written on car tyres? Know many important secrets hidden in them Many people are very fond of driving a car, but many people who are good at driving do not know all the things about the function of the car. Tire is the most important part of the car. Their care is very important. Driving with bad and worn tires increases the chances of an accident. Therefore, as much as driving is good, it is equally important to have information about tyres. A lot of important information is hidden in the numbers and codes written on the tyres. When you look at car tyres, they have branding and model name on them. That’s all most people know.

Many types of numbers are also written on the tyre

Many types of numbers are also written on the tyre, but not everyone knows the meaning of these numbers. Many things can be known by reading information like numbers and alpha-numeric signs written on the tyre. If you also do not know about these numbers written on the tyres, then here everyone will tell about all the important information related to it, which can be very useful for you. If you know about these numbers, then you can become a good expert of the car.

Meaning of the first 3 numbers

The first three numbers written on the tire indicate the width of the tyre. For example, if 255 is written first on the tyre, then the width of the tire will be 255 mm. Different car models use tires of different widths. High-end cars with larger engine displacement use wider tyres, maintaining more contact with the road to handle power better.

What do these 2 numbers mean

The next 2 numbers indicate the thickness of the tyre. For example, take a tire that has 75 written after 255, it means that the tire is 75 percent thicker than 255. Generally performance cars have low height tyres, while SUV cars use higher tyres.

How big are the tyres?

The alphabet ‘R’ that comes after this tells about the construction of the tyre, as here R stands for Radial. All modern cars run on radial tyres. That’s why usually only ‘R’ is written. Older cars were made differently, with B for bias belt and D for diagonal, but these are for older cars. After ‘R’, the size of the rim or the diameter of the tire is written, which is measured from inside. As 15 is written after R, then the tire has a 15-inch rim fit.

Most important thing

The last two numbers indicate the load carrying capacity of the tyre. It shows the maximum weight a tire can carry. For example, if 91 is written on the tyre, then it can lift up to 615 kg with the right air pressure. On the other hand, if 89 is written on the tyre, then it can lift the weight of 580 kg. This is followed by an alphabet, which indicates the speed for which the tire is designed. Let’s say ‘T’ is written on the tyre, which is for the maximum speed of 190 kmph.

Tyres carry crucial information

The numbers written on your car tyres carry crucial information about their size, load index, speed rating, and manufacturing date. Understanding these markings is essential for your safety on the road, your car’s performance, and your tyre’s longevity. Follow our tips on tyre maintenance and safety, and don’t hesitate to replace your tyres when necessary. Your safety is worth the investment.

Numbers written on car tyres are not just random digits but a code that reveals important information about your car’s tyres. Understanding the numbers and markings on your tyres can help you maintain them correctly and keep your car running smoothly.


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