UN Human Rights Commission to hold special session on human rights violation cases in Iran

The United Nations Human Rights Commission is going to hold a special session in Iran on the government’s crackdown on protesters, threats to journalists and other cases of human rights violations. This session can be held on 24 November at the diplomatic request of the Commission Germany and Iceland.

Germany sent a letter to the commission on Friday, requesting it to hold a special session to deal with the deteriorating human rights situation in Iran, especially with respect to women and children. At least a third of the 47 members of the commission supported the request. In Iran, on September 16, a 22-year-old woman, Mahsa Amini, was killed in the custody of religious police, after which anti-government protests started there.

During this period, there have been several cases of alleged human rights violations in Iran. At least 328 people have died and 14,825 others have been arrested during the ongoing protests in Iran, according to a monitoring group called Human Rights Activists. PLC/GT


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