Rishi Sunak
Rishi Sunak

London : The United Kingdom, in a groundbreaking move, has redefined its immigration policy, particularly impacting skilled workers from overseas. This change, spearheaded by the government under Rishi Sunak, aims to significantly adjust the visa policy, directly affecting the influx of immigrants into the country. The new rules, which are poised to impact approximately three hundred thousand individuals, mark a dramatic shift from previous standards and have been described as a major jolt, especially for Indian nationals aspiring to work in the UK.

The Revised Salary Threshold: What It Means for Prospective Skilled Workers

One of the most notable changes in the new policy is the revised salary threshold for skilled worker visas. Previously set at 26,000 pounds (approximately 27.28 lakh rupees), the limit has now been raised to 38,700 pounds (around 40.61 lakh rupees). This increase represents a significant hike, directly impacting the feasibility for many aspiring workers to qualify for a work visa in the UK.

Family Visa Category Adjustments: A New Challenge for Migrant Workers

In addition to the changes in the skilled worker visa category, the government has also revised the family visa category rules. Where the salary limit for this category was previously 18,600 pounds (about 19.53 lakh rupees), it has now been aligned with the skilled worker visa threshold at 38,700 pounds. This alignment is expected to further restrict the ability of foreign workers to bring their families to the UK, adding another layer of complexity to the immigration process.

Exemptions and Limitations: A Glimpse into the Healthcare Sector

Notably, the new regulations provide some exemptions, particularly for foreign workers in healthcare and social care jobs. However, even these exempted categories face restrictions, as they will not be able to bring their families under the new rules. This aspect of the policy has been a subject of much debate, considering the crucial role foreign workers play in the UK’s healthcare system.

The Rationale Behind the Policy Change

The decision to revamp the UK’s immigration rules is rooted in the long-standing issue of increasing migrant numbers, which has been a point of contention in British politics. The government’s objective with these new rules is to reduce net migration to the UK, as articulated by Home Secretary James Cleverly in Parliament. The expectation is that these new measures will result in a reduction of about three hundred thousand migrants compared to previous years. The implementation of these rules is expected in the first half of 2024.

Preparing for the New Immigration Reality

For those planning to work in England or dream of securing a job in the UK after their studies, these changes in immigration policy are more than just bureaucratic adjustments; they represent a new reality in the pursuit of international career opportunities. It is crucial for prospective immigrants and skilled workers to understand these changes thoroughly and plan accordingly to navigate the new landscape of UK immigration.


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