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Saturday, September 19th, 2020

UAE’s transport Management company Motus One eyes Indian market with cost-effective & innovative solutions

Centre’s sweeping & bold reforms attract Global Leader in Logistic to expand operations in India


Mumbai ,  

Rolling out sweeping and bold economic reforms by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has started attracting attention and interest of global leaders in different sectors. Indian logistic sector has been witnessing a 10 % annual growth and the latest a ₹1.5-lakh-crore package to strengthen infrastructure and logistics to help value addition is expected to boost it further. Recognising the huge potential of Indian logistic sector and following bold reforms, UAE-based Premier Event Logistics Company 'Motus One' has emerged as the first global giant to enter the domestic market with its cost-effective and innovative solutions and services.


The company has initiated the process of establishing its offices and Centres in India is all set to embark on a massive expansion of its services and solutions in India. Having carved a niche in the global transportation and logistics industry, the company is expected to invest nearly 5,00,000USD in India and would create huge employment opportunities.


Motus One offers Event Transportation logistics consultation and event-transport-related planning services, operates across a range of diverse markets and has a large expanding clientele across the globe. The company plans to leverage the potential of Indian Logistic sector.


As per the World Bank’s ‘Logistics Performance Index 2018,’ India ranks 35th out of 167 countries. According to a study by the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the Indian logistics industry estimated at $160 billion and expected to grow at a CAGR of 10% to $215 billion by 2022. The study pegs annual investments in the logistics sector to reach $500 billion by 2025. The sector employed 22 million people in 2017 and crossed 40 million in 2019. The sector has got a boost with several government initiatives including the recent stimulus package. The Integrated Transport & Logistics Policy includes the construction of 50 economic corridors, 35 logistics parks and 10 intermodal stations. The government has put in place a Comprehensive Logistics Action Plan 2022 to lower the cost of logistics from 14% of GDP to 10% of GDP.


In India too, Motus One would focus extensively on Mobility as a Service (MaaS) technology services with proprietary fleet management and booking software. Their goals align towards finding innovative solutions to problems that generally plague the logistics industry.


“We create event-specific transportation services for events of different scales. They aim to alter how an event is viewed by offering novel and innovative ways to look at transportation problems in any scenario. The incorporation of our in-house technology, as well as Mobility as Software (Maas) development, truly differentiates the way we work,” said Dana Buchawiecki, Founder, Motus One.


Given the rapidly growing demand in the domestic logistic sector, Motus One also plans to provide services for construction-related logistics and event transportation planning. The company offers effective event transportation management. “By integrating technology in our work, we promise to deliver efficient transportation solutions such as airport arrivals/departures solutions, internal/external venue shuttles, dedicated fleet systems, and overall transportation management for mega, minor, and signature events,” he added.

Founded by Dana Buchawiecki and Fahad Al Seyabi in 2017, Motus One is making an impact in the global market. The technological, research-backed, innovative, off-beat solutions that the company brings in have revolutionised the way the logistics and operations business is now conducted. With a varied range of services including professional transportation consulting, event transportation management, ground transportation, and logistics services, Motus One has successfully harnessed advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Online Vehicle Booking Platforms, Driver and Customer APP to enhance the efficiency of its services.


With players like Motus One entering into the Indian market, the Logistic sector is bound to take a big leap. Logistic can create millions of job, bring in efficiency, save time and can be a major driver of growth. In Ease of doing business in India, logistics can play a major role.


“We grow through innovation and technology to create an exceptional experience with the highest quality of services and products. We will endeavour to accomplish this objective by actively engaging in autonomous driving, deep learning software, and hardware. We will stay ahead of the pack in Artificial Intelligence as this technology will change the India Logistic landscape in which we operate,” said Buchawiecki.



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