Amity Institute of Information Technology (AIIT), Amity University Lucknow Campus organized two day international conference on Information Security concluded today with the resolution to make a secure digital India and safer internet life.The conference was organized in collaboration with Hackers Day, Lucknow chapter. Second day of conference saw paper presentations and technical sessions on various topics related with information technology and its security issues.

A technical session on Networking was conducted by senior trainer in network security and advanced networking Assistant Professor at Chelyabinsk State University, Russia Ms. Elena Feldman.

On her talk Ms. Elena Feldman, demonstrated the current cyber trends. She emphasized on theft through PC Trojan and android Trojan. She also discussed the importance of mobile botnet.  while another talk on cyber forensics was delivered by Cyber Forensics Investigator-Govt of India, Santosh Khadsar.

The main attraction of the day was session on web application penetration testing by karan bansal from IIT Kanpur. Karan Bansal touched interesting topics like password cracking with John the Ripper, Pass the Hash attacks with Metasploit and more, Cross Site Request Forgery, Pentesting Model ect.

Another interesting topic Digital Forensics 360 degree approach was covered by Cyber expert Nilay Mistry. During his session Mr. Nilay described the digital investigations by which a cybercrime expert investigate the various cyber-attacks.

Another Technical talk presented by Mr. Niranjan Reddy, Founder & CTO- Net Conclave Systems, his point of deliberation was threats by insider leading to Employee unrest. The discussion was focused how threats by insider be minimized by privileged check.

Mr. Ajay Kumar, Deep Web Security Researcher, Python programmer said in his talk that out of the entire WWW, 75% is in the form DEEP WEB and 25% on SURFACE WEB such as facebook twitter etc. He also elaborated how spammer and hackers penetrate these DEEP WEB through DARK WEB.

Second day of conference also witnessed some other informational Technical Talks by Mr. Vismit Sudhir Rakheacha, Cyber Security Consultant, Ms. Rhyme Upadhayaya, self-taught enthusiast with Information Security Expertise, Mr. Manoj Chaudhary, Cyber Security Consultant,  Mr. Ishwar Prasad S, Founder of Necurity Solutions and a certified Ethical Hacker.

The participation by faculty, researcher and students were in full swing. The workshop was in interactive mode and it has put a great impact on the participants who realized hands on experience to penetrate systems.


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