Twitter’s claim of strong security of users’ data is false

The Twitter deal has now turned into a corporate war. There has been continuous news of some controversy in this. Now recently, Elon Musk’s lawyer has alleged that Twitter paid a whistleblower about 55 crores ($ 7 million) to keep quiet. The payment was made because the whistleblower had raised questions about Twitter’s operational problems.

The matter has gone to court after the $44 billion deal between Twitter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk broke. Now-a-days, in this case, both the parties keep revealing or making statements against each other. The last hearing of the deal was held on September 6. Meanwhile, Musk’s lawyer, Alex Spiro, said Peter Jatko, a whistleblower, had been paid $7 million to keep calm.

Twitter representatives declined to comment on the $7 million payment to the company’s former security chief Jatko in the past. The Wall Street Journal published a report on this matter. The paper, citing unidentified people familiar with the matter, said the payment was made as part of a settlement after Jatco left Twitter. According to this deal, the Jatkos were not to speak publicly but could work as government whistle-blowers.

When Musk withdrew from the Twitter deal, he raised questions about the fake accounts. Now this issue seems to be meeting the same link. The Jatko who has been accused of paying is a former security officer of Twitter. Now whistleblower Peter Jatko says Twitter misled US regulators about fake accounts and protections against hackers.

Peter, in the 84-page complaint, said that Twitter’s claim of a strong security system for users’ data was false. In a complaint filed last month with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department, Jatco said Twitter underestimated the number of automated bots. Along with this, the company gives priority to increasing users rather than dealing with fake accounts and bots. Safety is at the bottom of the company’s priority. PLC/GT


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