Elon Musk
Elon Musk

Elon Musk revealed that he has 24,700 subscribers, who pay him personally at least $4 a month. Thus with each subscriber paying him $4 a month, the Twitter CEO is earning around $1.2 million a year from these passive incomes.

It really is that easy to achieve financial independence and retire early, Cohen tweeted. This simply means that Musk, who has 136.5 million followers, is earning at least $98,800 per month through his subscribers.

The Twitter CEO shared the screenshot where he revealed that he has 24,700 subscribers. He posted, content creators can enable subscriptions on this platform. In Settings, tap Monetization. Earlier this month, Twitter said it would allow its users to charge for access to content such as longer texts or longer videos.
According to the company, creators will be allowed to set the price of their subscription offering by choosing from one of three price points provided by Twitter.

Musk said that for the next 12 months, Twitter will not take any money from users, which they will earn from their monetized content. However, after the completion of 12 months, the iOS and Android fee will come down to 15 percent and the company will add a smaller amount on top of it based on volume.


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