Tulsi at home: Know its important rules, pay special attention to the direction


Ayodhya : It is believed that the house where Tulsi is worshiped daily. Happiness and prosperity reside in that house. If the Tulsi plant is kept in the right direction in the house, it destroys the negative energy of the house and increases the positive energy. Tulsi plant planted in the right direction in the house is a symbol of good luck and brings happiness and prosperity to the house, hence it should be planted in the right direction. If it is placed in the wrong direction then it starts having ill effects. What are the rules for planting Tulsi plant at home?

There should be enough light near the Tulsi plant.
The Tulsi plant should be kept in a place where there is no darkness. If the plant receives sunlight then such a place should be chosen. If the Tulsi plant is kept in a place where there is less light then it is inauspicious and negative energy increases in the house.

Plant Tulsi plant in a pot only
While planting Tulsi plant in homes, take special care that do not plant this plant directly in the ground. Many people plant the Tulsi plant directly on the ground. Don’t do this at all. Always plant Tulsi plant in a pot at home. It is considered auspicious to plant the plant in a pot or platform.

Keep these things away from Tulsi
Tulsi is considered a sacred plant. For this, keep in mind that there should always be cleanliness around it and do not keep any dirty items like shoes, slippers, broom and dirty clothes even by mistake. Along with this, always touch Tulsi only after taking bath.

Keep Tulsi in north-east direction
Tulsi is worshiped every day. For this, keep in mind that always keep the Tulsi plant in the right direction. According to Vastu Shastra, North-East is considered the best place to keep the Tulsi plant. Along with this, Tulsi should never be kept in the south direction. This direction is considered to be that of Yamraj and keeping a Tulsi plant in this direction increases the negative energy effect.


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