Monday, July 13th, 2020

Tula’s Institute opens its doors to a cultural revolution as it hosts Dehradun International Film Festival

INVC NEWS Dehradun, Dehradun, capital of Uttarakhand is known for being hub of prolific education and activities and this is further cemented as Tula’s ,one of the prestigious educational institutes based in Dehradun, hosts this year’s edition of Dehradun International Film Festival(DIFF) in its revered corridors. Being held from 3rd to 5th November, the festival was graced by the presence of some renowned faces of bollywood industry such as Subhash Ghai, Prem Chopra, Payal Rohatgi, Parvin Dabbas, Dr. Mohan Agashe, Raza Murad, Preeti Jhingiani and Rajeev Nigam.'to exalt the already electrifying event. The festival instilled the value of “Reel to Real Friendship” amongst its visitors as it unleashed a plethora of movies belonging to diverse categories to thrill and entice the residents of Dehradun. Core values for the Festival include artistic excellence, creativity, hospitality, accessibility, and fiscal responsibility ere promoted as the movies witnessed a phenomenal reception amongst the eclectic yet discerning audience. The festival is noted for its welcoming environment for musicians and audience members, and strives to be inclusive and accessible through outreach concerts, post-concert chats with artists, and open rehearsals. The 3- day event saw a rush of activities as classics like Raam Teri Ganga Mali, Noorie, and DoAnjaane shared space with Avant guarde creations such as Chumbak, May mother is a liar, Iive, Clean India Maya and other such brilliant creations. The presence of bollywood industry such as  RazaMurad, Prem Chopra , Subhash Ghai and many more has uplifted the charm as these veterans provided a discourse on the tropes of Indian Cinema. This film festival platform acts as an exhibit to the tremendous potentialities and abilities of youth, and intends to lay the foundation stone of friendship among the Global film makers. Speaking on the occasion, Mr Subhash Ghai, said “Film festivals have always held a special place in my heart- owing to their connection with film education, a region from where I rose to my fame. With the guidance of adept masters, I have transformed my dreams into love amongst all. These film festivals provide an apt opportunity to give wings to budding dreams and I wish all the best to the new age film makers.” Mr Prem Chopra added “This film fraternity had given a lot to me- in terms of exposure and love. These film festivals are a brilliant way to celebrate that love, through awareness and mindfulness. And there can be no better place to showcase that than in Tula’s. We have witnessed a great deal of promise amongst participants and wish them luck in their endeavours.” Actor Raza Murad ,Said “Success never comes in battalions. One has to wait and work hard for achieving any accomplishment; there is no short cut in any success. What really needs is purity of a heart to understand our moral duties. Life is a rainbow of experiences and one has to go through by various hurdles”.“Time is a great teacher that teaches everything beyond bookish learning, so pay respect to the time in every aspect” Ms. Silky Jain, Executive Director, Tula’s Institute stated, “We are excited to provide a unique outlet by bringing the festival to the holistic environs of our institute. Dehradun International Film Festival is a brilliant and innovative way to promote a steady consumption of cinema. The art of cinema binging has been lost amidst technological advancements.This festival starts a healthy discourse in consumption of movie, creating a hub of culture to permeate across the lush environs of the Dehradun. The response throughout has been thrilling, as people from all walks of life have been enamoured in this festival. Tula’s institute is thrilled to be a part of this Cultural Revolution, as it set’s to work upon a balanced approach towards every faculty of existence.”



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