Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Trump vents his defeat on CNN – sued for $475 million

Donald Trump has not yet been able to get out of the shock of defeat, so to stay in the news constantly, he leaves some new rumours, this time former US President Donald Trump has imposed a penalty of $ 475 million on CNN (cable news network). Hazarne’s lawsuit has been filed.

In a lawsuit filed Monday in the US District Court for Southern Florida, Trump sued CNN alleging defamation, accusing the news network of taking relentless actions aimed at defeating him politically.

Alleging that CNN made maliciously false and defamatory statements about him, Trump sought $475 million in punitive damages, as well as reparations.

Trump’s lawyers allege in the lawsuit that CNN used both false and defamatory labels against the former president, including racist and rebellious.

According to the lawsuit, CNN in July denied Trump’s request to withdraw 34 articles and TV segments that he deemed defamatory.

Only time will tell whether Donald Trump wins the case from CNN or embraces a new trouble by turning the rest of the media against himself?


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