InfraConclave 2017, an active forum for inclusive dialogue and engagement for all infrastructure stakeholders was announced today. The conclave seeks to deliver actionable intelligence for transformative progress and development of India’s key infrastructure.

Speaking at the announcement, Mr. Rajaneesh Dasgupta, Secretary General, InfraConclave said, ‘InfraConclave is a platform to create an inclusive, purposeful dialogue with all stakeholders that results in actionable intelligence. It is not unknown that there is a huge dependency of our nation’s growth on its infrastructure. The Government of India has been laying a huge emphasis on participation of all stakeholders in nation building. With InfraConclave, our attempt is to bring diverse, but important voices from various segments of society to create actionable intelligence and support the Government in the endeavor. We are delighted that several industry leaders have shown their commitment to the effort.”

The first edition of InfraConclave 2017 will be held in March 2017 and will focus on key aspects of infrastructure, including Urban, Core, Rural and Empowering efficiencies. Few of the industry leaders who have committed to InfraConclave 2017 include Mr. Ashok Agrawal, Director & CEO, Essel Infra, Dr. Sumit D Chowdhury, Founder and CEO of GAIA, Smart Cities, Mr. Guy Perry, President, Cities and Strategies and Mr. Dev Ramchandani from Hitachi Consulting.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ashok Agrawal, Director & CEO, Essel Infra said, “We believe that infrastructure transformation is possible only through an inclusive approach. Governments, Private Corporations and Public need to align in an inclusive vision. Continuous outcome-based dialogue that engages stakeholders and delivers actionable intelligence is a progressive approach. I am delighted that InfraConclave has taken this as its objective.”

The inclusive dialogue at InfraConclave 2017 will bring together experts from various facets of infrastructure – from core infrastructure such as power, ports, railways, airways to waterways to urban infrastructure, including housing, waste management, water, sanitation and urban transport. The initiative aims to create a continuous dialogue to speed up the transformation of India’s Infrastructure.


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