Mumbai – : The gaming industry in India experienced massive growth during the Covid 19 lockdown. It has become a popular pastime for India’s young generation. There is a greater likelihood of people participating in the games. Many of them are eager to know, is IPL betting legal in India? The reason for this is that they can play from home.   In 2022, there were approximately 420 million gamers in the nation. The number is currently 450 Million as of 2023. In India, there are a lot of famous gamers and gaming content creators who have become an example for others. With their entertaining gameplay and engaging presentation, they have established their place in the gaming community. This article is going to introduce you to some of India’s most popular gamers and gaming content creators.

Top Indian Gamers who are famous for their content based engaging gameplay

Raj Varma a.k.a “Snax Gaming”

Raj Varma, also known as “SnaxGaming,” is a renowned gamer and content creator in India. He is an expert in thrilling gameplay like Insidious, Velocity Gaming, and Team XO. He has been an inspiration for Indian youths who wish to pursue a career as a gamer.  Raj Varma is famous for both his content creation and gaming skills. He entertains the audience by creating captivating content on his games. Snax has a large fan base on YouTube, Instagram, and Loco. This young celebrity makes most of his content for popular games like Valorat, Among Us, and GTA V.

Parv Singh a.k.a “SOUL_Regaltos”

Parv Singh, “SOUL_Regaltos,” is also an inspiration to the Indian gaming community. As a professional player of PUBG, he is well-known for his leadership skills. Parv Singh’s popularity is not limited to gaming; he is also widely recognized for his attractive gaming content. Soul Regaltos have 2.26 million YouTube subscribers, 985k Instagram followers, and 675k Loco followers. Many young gamers in the country follow his footprints and consider him their idol.

Salman Ahmad a.k.a “8Bit Mamba”

Salman Ahmad, also known as “8 Bit Mamba,” became well-known for displaying his gaming skills in games of competition like Clash of Clans and Counter-Strike. His dedication to video games is extraordinary. Because of his captivating content on gaming, he has become a sensation among gaming enthusiasts. Additionally, Salman has 1.34 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Amit Thakur a.k.a “Vlt fa2”

Amit ‘Vlt fa2’ Thakur is a celebrity in the gaming industry of India with 144 thousand subscribers on YouTube.  His talent for content creation has earned him fame and admiration.  However, this young man possesses great gaming and content creation skills, making him a tremendous asset to the Indian gaming industry.

Techno gamerz – Ujjwal Chaurasia

Ujjwal Chaurasia, also known as Techno Gamerz, is a renowned gaming YouTuber from India. He has had a profound love of video games since he was very little. Ujjal became extremely interested in GTA: Vice City as he grew up.  With 24.2 million subscribers, he is one of India’s most popular gaming YouTubers and came to stardom for his GTA V series.

Along with them, Ajay from Total Gaming, Lokesh Raj from Lokesh Gamer, Ankit Sujan from Gyan Gaming, and many other prominent figures represent the Indian gaming and content creation industries.


The Indian gaming community has been going through a revolution for the past few years. Various sources of income are being developed around the gaming industry. However, the aforementioned people made a significant contribution to this progress.


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