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Top 10 Summer Adventures in Engadin St. Moritz

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St. Moritz, located at 1,856 metres in the Upper Engadin observes dry, sparkling “champagne climate” and plenty of sun shine almost throughout the year along makes it ideal for hosting world-class events, exceptional leisure and sporting opportunities, chic shopping and fabulous culinary experience. 1.       ATTEND THE TOP EVENTS IN ST. MORITZ:   22nd British Classic Car Meeting: Since 1994, around 200 classic cars from the brands Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin & Lagonda, Jaguar & Daimler, Austin-Healey & Healy have met each year in July in St. Moritz for touring, regularity test (rally) and the "Concourse d'Elégance". This distinguished gathering of vintage cars from Great Britain is a celebration of high-class elegance with a backdrop of the Engadin Valley.  When: Every day 8th July– 10th July, 2015   5th La Tavolata: St. Moritz invites you and your family to take your place at the longest table in the Alps! The Sunday is entirely devoted to the 400m-long wooden table set up in the pedestrian zone in the heart of St. Moritz. A wide and colourful range of culinary delights and two stages invite guests and locals alike to dine in style. Be a part of the celebration with your family!  When: 30th  July – 31st  July, 2015 2.       TAKE A BAREFOOT TRAIL IN CELERINA   Barefoot trails are designed for outdoor enthusiasts who want to explore nature underfoot – in the truest sense of the word. There are significant benefits: walking barefoot stimulates the blood circulation in the feet and enhances your feeling of well-being. The best thing about it is – the magnificent Engadin scenery alone sets your heart racing, making the nature experience all the more inspiring. The trails leads through the spectacular nature around Celerina, with the beautiful Staz Forest; alternates between water, meadow and forest path. The barefoot trails are suitable for adults, as well as families with children.   3.       DINE AT ONE OF THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN RESTAURANT- LA MARMITE   La Marmite  is renowned for being one of the highest gastronomic restaurants in the world. It is part of the Mathis Food Affairs establishment, a grand, modern building that stands out against the white landscape and boasts six restaurants that provide a classy change from standard ski fare. La Marmite is the most sophisticated and elegant of the restaurants available, serving exceptionally high quality dishes ranging from venison to lobster to caviar, all while patrons enjoy truly spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. Located on one of St. Moritz’s highest peaks, celebrity chef Reto Mathis offers a multi-venue food destination for chic skiers and highbrow foodies in the mood for truffle and caviar.   4.       INDULGE IN SOME OF THE LOCAL SPECIALTIES   The delicious Nusstorte has its origins in the Fuatscha grassa, a round, buttery cake that most Engadin families used to enjoy on a Sunday. Engadin walnut cakes of all sizes are available from the confectioneries of Hanselmann and Hauser in St. Moritz. You must try the traditional dish called the Pizzoccheri, often mixed with vegetables (especially savoy cabbage, spinach and Swiss chard), topped with grated cheese, and sprinkled with melted butter. Certainly no dish for anyone on a diet – but a wonderful treat for the taste buds! The Barley Soup is a must try as well. Anyone who degrades this wholesome soup to a starter will have learned their lesson after just a few spoonfuls. For the barley, kidney beans, pieces of "Bündnerfleisch" cured meat and large quantity of vegetables that go into making it will curb their hunger for quite some time. 5.       TAKE A REJUVENATING MINERAL BATH AT SAMEDAN   The Samedan Mineral Baths & Spa is Switzerland’s first “vertical” mineral baths, sporting a spectacular design by Swiss architects, Miller & Maranta. Visitors explore a labyrinth of baths and steam rooms spread over three storeys and with ever-changing perspectives: with views of Samedan’s church tower, for example, or of the magnificent Engadin Alpine scenery. 6.       TAKE A DIP IN ENGADIN’S MOUNTAIN LAKES:   You can explore the beautiful, deep-blue Engadin lakes on one of the scenic lake hikes or any number of leisurely strolls.  In the summer, even the mountain lakes warm up to a pleasant 20 °C (68°F). Well equipped with picnic areas, barbecue sites and children's playground, they are particularly ideal for families.   7.       PLAY GOLF IN THE HIGHEST GOLF COURSE IN SWITZERLAND   The highest and the oldest golf course in Switzerland is in Samedan. The 18- hole golf course with testing par of 27 was first 1893 and at a height of 1,800 metres, highest in the Alps, which is why Engadin St. Moritz is called ‘the golfing paradise of the Alps’. The Kulm Golf St. Moritz being the second oldest and highest with 9 holes and testing par of 27. The 18-hole golf course in Zuoz-Madulain has become popular as well. Amateur golfers can take special training lessons and assistance at the golf courses from in-house trainers at The Golf Academy.   8.       VISIT THE HIGHEST LOCATED CASINO IN SWITZERLAND   The Casino St Moritz welcomes visitors for an exciting and fun-filled evening of gambling. Guests may try their luck at the American Roulette, Black Jack, Stud Poker or slot machines to start with or visit the Ivory Ball Lounge Bar to dine in style. 9.       GO SHOPPING AT VIA SERLAS   Europe's highest-lying shopping street, Via Serlas, offers a unique shopping experience. Prestigious fashion labels can be found in elegant boutiques within the smallest of areas. But ordinary sports outlets, delightful souvenir and gift shops, and exclusive delicatessens also belong to the wide range of shopping facilities in this chic Alpine destination. 10.   ENROLL YOUR KIDS AT A SUMMER CAMP   The Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, founded in 1904, is a Swiss international boarding school set in spectacular alpine landscape near St. Moritz, Switzerland. The Lyceum campus occupies an extensive site with its own sports fields overlooking the alpine village of Zuoz. The school offers a Summer Camp & Junior Golf Academy from 17 July – 13 August 2016 for children from the age of 10-15 years. The focus is on languages including German,



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