Russia has carried out airstrikes on a school in Luhansk, Ukraine. About 90 people had taken shelter here.
Luhansk governor Serhi Haidais said at least 60 people were feared dead in the attack. The rescue team has so far taken out 30 people. Of these, 7 are women, who have been seriously injured. Russia celebrates Victory Day every year on 9 May. On this day in the Second World War, the Russian army defeated Hitler’s Nazi army.

Media reports claim that in view of the importance of this day, Russian President Vladimir Putin can declare war on Ukraine only on 9 May. So far Russia has been calling the attack on Ukraine only a special operation.

On the other hand, Ukraine continues to receive aid from Western countries. Now the Ukrainian Army has received 12 Bayraktar TB-2 drones made in Turkey.

According to the news website Haberler, Turkey has developed more than 400 Bayrektar TB-2 drones in the past 8 years and sold 96 of them. This drone is considered very advanced. Turkmenistan and Tajikistan have handed over 7 helicopters and fighter jets to Ukraine, bypassing the pressure of Russian President Vladimir Putin. PLC&GT


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