Today the registration of land took place in Ambala Cantonment Tehsil


In order to keep the health facilities continuously operating in the state, The Haryana Health Minister, Sh.Anil Vij said that the first branch of National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) of the north india will be established in northern part of the state at Ambala and today the process of land transfer has been completed. The State Health Department transferred 4 acres of 11 marla land in Ambala Cantonment to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for NCDC branch and the construction work of NCDC branch will be completed in three phases.

It is worth mentioning that today the registration of land took place in Ambala Cantonment Tehsil.  Additional Director Dr. Anil Digambar Patil on behalf of the Union Health Ministry and Kuldeep Singh, CMO Ambala on behalf of the Health Department of Haryana were present in the tehsil during the land transfer process.  A 4-storey building for the branch of NCDC will be constructed in the first phase at a cost of Rs 20 crore at Naggal in Ambala Cantonment, followed by a lab equipped with modern equipment in the second phase.  Earlier, the Municipal Council Ambala Sadar had transferred the land to the State Health Department for Rs 2.03 crore, after which the land has now been handed over to the Union Health Ministry.

Genome sequencing will be possible in Ambala- Anil Vij
Health Minister Sh. Anil Vij informed that many serious, new diseases and viruses will be investigated and their data will be analyzed in the national level NCDC branch being established in Ambala.  Genome sequencing will be done to know the virus in the lab.  Apart from this, the lab will also have tests for Nipah virus, Zika virus, Rabies, zoonotic disease, covid-19, Omicron, Hepatitis besides other serious viruses and all kinds of new tests.  This center will play an important role in early detection and diagnosis of diseases.

Modern Tests used to be in Delhi till now, now it will be in Ambala also – Anil Vij
Health Minister Sh. Anil Vij said that till now this type of test was done only in NCDC located in Delhi, but now with its establishment in Ambala, will become a major testing center of North India.  This will also save time.  Samples of serious and new diseases from all over North India will be checked in the lab at Ambala and research on bacteria will also be done here.  After this, the results of the investigation will be given to the health departments accordingly.  In northern India, there is no such branch in Haryana, Punjab, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir so far.  The branch will also work for the availability of various vaccines, medicines and other diagnostic kits.

It is a matter of pride in the National Lab Ambala that the virus will be tested and monitored – Vij

It is a matter of pride that a national level lab is being established here.  The land has been transferred to the Union Health Ministry.  The states of entire North India will be benefited by the establishment of the lab here.  New diseases and their viruses will be tested with modern machines in this national lab.  Here diseases and viruses will be monitored and there will be continuous investigation.  How to prevent diseases, its tests can be done immediately, he added.  Earlier, one had to rely on Delhi and Poona labs to test the corona sample, but now new diseases will be able to be tested here also.

NCDC branch will be made in three phases, these will be equipment
The construction of NCDC branch will be completed in three phases.  The construction work of the building will be completed in the first and second phase, after which the lab will be established in the third phase.  Modern equipment will be installed here at a cost of crores of rupees including Bio Safety Cabinet, Incubator, Non Refrigerate Centrifuge, Cold Centrifuge, Real Time PCR Machine, Dry Block Incubator, Refrigerator, Autoclave, Hot Air Oven, Deep Freezer, Training Microscope, Light Microscope.  Compound, ELISA Reader with Washer, Micropiptist of All Size, Milli-Q Water Purifier and more will be there.

There will be a ‘State of Art’ branch in Ambala: Dr. Anil Digambar Patil
Dr. Anil Digambar Patil, Additional Director, Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare informed that ‘State of Art’ branch of NCDC is being constructed in Ambala which will be completely under Delhi.  He said that  the ‘State of Art Lab’ will be environment friendly.  The lab will have the exact same setup as the lab in Delhi at the central level.  Coordination will be established in Delhi and Ambala and joint work will be done on the study which will be done.  A lab will soon be built here which will have modern machines.  In these, genome sequencing and other modern tests will be done.  Machines will be deployed as per requirement.  20 crore will be spent for the establishment of the branch and its design has been passed, he added.


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