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Wednesday, August 4th, 2021

Tired of those dry and frizzy hair? This is what you need to read


New Delhi, Missing those lustrous locks and finding ways to get them back. If you are the one, apply these simple remedies to you routine and you will reinstate the smile once again Hair is exposed to several dirt and chemicals. Thus is it is mandatory for us to take care of our tresses for them to grow naturally and stronger. Here are few Natural and Non-Toxic Chemicals that we must accommodate in our hair care routines given by expert, Dr. Arvind Poswal, Founder at Dr A’s Clinic; which facilitates Hair Transplantation and Consultation. 1.     Peppermint- It is an anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory which when applied to inflamed scalp, shall help you get rid of yeast. It will also help you to stay clean from dandruff and will give you a cooling effect also. 2.     Egg Yolk- It is very rich in vitamins which make our hair resistant to dryness and damage. Egg Yolks also contain iron, which makes hair growth healthier and also gives a moisturizing effect. 3.     Thyme- It has a high mineral content that gives anti-sceptic and anti-fungal benefits. It stimulates hair growth and prevents thinning of hair. 4.     Bhringraj- It can be used as a restorative for hair loss. It reinstates the shine in our hair and prevents premature greying. Its helps curing dandruff and aid hair re-growth. 5.     Lavender- It can be used as a hair conditioner and treatment for hair lice, too. It treats dandruff and hair loss. It stimulates blood circulation and balances the oil production in the scalp. 6.     Basil Oil- it treats dry and itchiness thereby, increasing the moisture content in the scalp. This helps in re gaining your darker and voluminous locks. Using these natural remedies, get back those beautiful, longer, shiny and vibrant hair.

About Dr. Arvind Poswal
Dr. Arvind Poswal is an inventor, artist, perfectionist and a teacher. He is the inventor of the stitch-less FUSE Technique that has enabled numerous advances in the field of Hair Transplant. He has firmly established a leading destination for restoration, Dr. A’s Clinic in Delhi, NCR and Mumbai. He has also won Best Hair Transplant Surgeon 2010 Award, Life Time Heath Achievement Award in 2012 along with innumerable laurels.



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