Sunday, May 31st, 2020

Timely late night intervention by Alchemist Hospital Pkl saves doctor his amputated finger

Dr Harpreet BakshiKulbir Kalsi, INVC, Panchkula, Dr Navjot Kalra, secretary of Indian Medical Association, Sangrur, was a doctor in distress and panic. On April 15 night his right index figure got accidentally amputated when the door slammed on his hand. The panic turned into nightmare when authorities at a well known hospital in Mohali, where he was rushed around 10 p.m. denied him treatment because of non-availability of a reconstructive and plastic surgeon. In desperation, he contacted a friend for help and was referred to Dr Harpreet Bakshi, Reconstructive & Plastic Surgeon at Alchemist Hospital, Panchkula, who responded to the call with lightening speed, and after a nearly four hours surgery the doctor’s amputated right index finger was restored. Briefing mediapersons here, Dr Harpreet Bakshi  said on April 15 we at Alchemist Hospital successfully operated and saved the right index finger of a doctor after its amputation. The patient was a practicing medical doctor from Sangrur, Dr Navjot Kalra, who is also secretary of IMA Sangrur.  Earlier he had been rushed to a well known hospital in Mohali where he was denied  treatment. Later he was brought to Alchemist Hospital, Panchkula. The patient’s right index finger had accidentally got entrapped in the door which resulted in amputation. The patient reached the hospital within 6 hours of his injury, which is considered the golden period for restoration of amputated limbs, and was immediately taken for surgery by Dr Harpreet Bakshi, Reconstructive and Plastic Surgeon. With microvascular repair of cut artery, vein and other vital structures, blood flow and life was restored in the amputated finger which otherwise looked dead. The procedure took around 4 hours.



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