Tik Tok Leak Case: Employees fired by the company

Short video app Tiktok is very popular in America. On this platform, people share their dance and every little thing related to their life with people through short videos.

However, when you share videos related to your job, then the videos should be made with a little thought. It would be better if any information related to the company should be shared at least. A girl from Denver, USA, had to lose her job because of making the same mistake, because she had lost her new job and how much she needed in it.

He is getting salary, he has shared all this in Tiktok. Lexi Larson told how she got a job in the tech industry and in this she is getting 90 thousand dollars instead of 70 thousand dollars. This video has got about 168000 views.

While sharing the video, Lexi has claimed that the company fired her for giving information about the salary. In a video posted last month, Larsen revealed how much his salary had increased. The company fired Lexie a few days after the video went viral. Let us tell you that Lexie’s job was done only two weeks ago. Lexi told that I lost my job because of Tiktok. PLC/GT


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