thoughts of God, responsibilities of human existence
thoughts of God, responsibilities of human existence

Haridwar, Kashi  : Understanding the purpose of our existence and the responsibilities that come with it is a profound realization. As humans, we possess unique abilities such as thinking, speaking, feeling, and reasoning, not bestowed upon us by a higher power for the sole purpose of indulging in personal comforts and luxuries. Rather, these gifts enable us to contribute to the world’s beauty and orderliness, creating a more harmonious and compassionate society.

The Purpose of Our Abilities

Using Our Resources Selflessly

Just as money is entrusted to a bank cashier for government purposes, our capabilities are meant to be utilized for the greater good. The cashier can only spend the money within the limits of their salary, and similarly, we should recognize that our talents and resources are not for personal indulgence, but for the service of others.

Working within Our Means

Imagine a police officer or a soldier who uses their authority and power only in alignment with the tasks assigned by the government. Similarly, we must recognize that the government of our lives is in the hands of a higher power. Our attributes and intelligence are not meant to satisfy personal desires or egos but to express selfless love.

Appreciating Our Unique Abilities

The human brain is a remarkable creation, surpassing any computer ever developed. Our senses—the eyes, ears, nose, and speech—are priceless treasures that cannot be measured in monetary terms. God has blessed us with extraordinary thinking capabilities, capable of sacrificing the wealth of the entire world. The purpose behind such exceptional gifts is to serve as God’s collaborators in making the world prosperous, happy, and in harmony with His creation.

Embracing Our Responsibility

The Awakening of Humanity

When we understand the profound responsibility of our existence, it becomes evident that our purpose goes beyond personal aspirations. Humanity is awakened within us, and our thoughts begin to align with those of God. The realization dawns upon us that our purpose is to contribute to the world’s well-being and the fulfillment of God’s plan.

Embracing Selfless Love

God’s ultimate desire is selfless love, and through understanding our responsibilities, we can embody this divine attribute. By channeling our talents, abilities, and resources toward serving others, we participate in a grand partnership with God in creating a world characterized by prosperity and joy.


As we reflect on the thoughts of God and the purpose behind our existence, we come to realize that we are not merely individuals striving for personal achievements and pleasures. Instead, we are agents of change, entrusted with unique abilities to make the world a better place. By embracing our responsibility, we contribute to the fulfillment of God’s plan and experience the true essence of being human.


Q1: How can we fulfill the responsibilities of our existence?

A : By recognizing that our abilities are not meant for personal gain but to serve the greater good, we can fulfill our responsibilities. We should utilize our resources selflessly and work within the means given to us.

Q2: What is the purpose behind our unique abilities?

A : Our abilities are bestowed upon us to make the world more beautiful and orderly. They enable us to contribute to society’s well-being, promoting harmony and compassion.

Q3: Why should we embrace selfless love?

A : Selfless love is the ultimate desire of God. By embodying this attribute and directing our talents and resources toward serving others, we align ourselves with God’s plan and experience a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Q4: How does understanding our responsibilities awaken our humanity?

A : When we understand the purpose of our existence, we transcend our individual desires and embrace a broader perspective. We recognize the interconnectedness of humanity and the significance of working towards a prosperous and harmonious world.

Q5: How can we contribute to making the world prosperous and happy?

A : By utilizing our unique capabilities, channeling our thoughts and actions towards positive change, and fostering selfless love, we become active contributors to the well-being of the world. Through our efforts, we can make a difference and bring joy to others.


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