This season – Go Silli with Tanya Rossi – Add a dash of effervescence to your look


Tanya Rossi’s new ‘Silli is Sexy’collection,Tanya Rossi’s new collection,1I N VC ,

It is time for spring, it is time for colours, and it is time for Tanya Rossi’s new ‘Silli is Sexy’collection. Known for its chic and uncompromisingly nonchalant design, the Italian brand never fails to comprehend the mood of the season and always presents its patrons with a perfect and trendy new collection.This season, Tanya Rossi, chic and stylish contemporary trinkets, takes its inspiration a step ahead! With the new Silli is Sexy collection, it offers a range of colourful and energetic earrings, wrist bands and rings. This only gets better with the interchangeable silicon bands which give you the option of flaunting a different accessory everyday!Tanya Rossi’s new ‘Silli is Sexy’collection,Tanya Rossi’s new collection,

The all new exclusive innovation & collection from Tanya Rossi, brings the vibrancy of colours that defines your mood every day. Stackable’s redefined, Silly & Sexy is a whole new range of fun accessories to match you up & yet make you stand out from the rest. The use of Silicon bands with sterling silver infused together to make fun jewellery, an innovation brought to life from Tanya Rossi.
Tanya Rossi’s new ‘Silli is Sexy’collection,Tanya Rossi’s new collection,

So what is your colour today? From cool blues to warm reds, this novel, bubbly and vibrant collection has it all! Enhance your everyday look with fun, bouncy and spirited colours. Snip it, mix it & play with colours, Silly & Sexy is your style & your mind. Fun starts at Rs.850* onwards.


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