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Sunday, November 28th, 2021

This results in lower pollution as smooth vehicular movement helps in  lowering emission of pollutants

New Delhi,

Union Minister for Road Transport, Highways and MSMEs Shri Nitin Gadkari will lay foundation stone of and inaugurate 35 highway projects in Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday, the 25th of August, 2020. Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan will preside over the virtual function, to be attended by Union Ministers Shri ThavarchandGehlot and Shri Narendra Singh Tomar, MoSs Shri Prahlad Singh Patel, Shri Faggan Singh Kulaste and Gen (Dr) V K Singh(Rtd), Ministers from the State, several MPs, MLAs and senior officers from the Centre and the State.

These projects for inauguration and foundation laying carry a Road length of 1139 kilometers, involving construction value of over Rs 9400 crore. Paving the way for development of MP, these roads will enhance better connectivity, convenience and economic growth in the State.

The projects include :

Sl. No.Name of ProjectLength in kmCost in Rs. crore

E-Foundation NH Projects

1.Construction of 4 lane ROB at km 14+800 (Jerai) on Katin -Beena section  of NH-934 on EPC Mode under setuBharatam  ROB77.26

2.Construction of 2 -lane ROB at Km 36+800 (Jarua)  on Sagar -Khuraj-Bina   section  of  NH-934 on EPC Mode under SetuBharatam ROB66.49

3.Construction of Major Bridge at Betwa  River (436 mtr) at km. 81/2 on NH-539 on EPC modeBridge24.66

4. Construction of High level Bridge across Kshipra River at Km 20/2 on Indore  Betul  section of NH-47 on EPC Mode Bridge9.36

5.Reconstruction of 6 nos. submersible / narrow / distressed bridges on Jabalpur-Dinori section of NH-45 Ext.  on EPC Mode.Bridge26.02

6.Strengthening work in km. 1/550 to  23 of Indore - Betul Road on NH-4722.614.03

7. Strengthening work in km. 32 to 35 of Ambua to Dahod on NH-5642.58

8. Strengthening work  in km. 41 to 55  of Gulganj-Amanganj-Pawai-Katni Road on NH-43 Ext156.58

9.Strengthening work in km. 82=1, 101 to 103=3, 106=1, 112=1, 120 to 122=3, 124 to 134=11, 135 to 145= 11, 163 to 164=2, 167= 1, 182 to 183=2, 188= 1, & 220 to 222.400= 3.400 ( Tikamgarh- Prathvipur - Orchha Road) on NH-539  40.416.73

10. Strengthening work in km. 1, 2, 5 to 10, 13,14,18,20,26 to 33, 77 to 85, 96 to 98, 162 to 195 of Dinara- Pichhor Road on NH-3466833.27

11.Strengthening work in km.115, 122, 127, 128, 136 to 148, 159, 182, 183, 188, 201 of SawaiMadhopur-Sheopur-Goras-Shyampur Road on NH-552 Extn.2211.02

12.4L of  Nanasa to Pidgaon  from  Km 95.000 to 142.445 of Indore – Harda Section of NH-47 47.445866.64

13.4L of  Harda to Temgaon  from Km 0.000 to 30.000 of Harda-Betul Section of  NH-4730555

144L of  Chicholi to Belul   from km 81.00  to km 121.248 of Harda-Betul section of NH-47 40.25620.36

154-laning of Katni Bypass section of NH-3020194.4

 Dedication to Nation NH Project

162L+PS from Km 81 to 175 of Sanchi-Sagar  section of  NH-146 on EPC mode94.64287.34

172L+PS from  Km 0.00 to 36.71  of Rewa-Sirmour section of  NH-135B on EPC mode 36.71162.56

18Construction of HL Bridges at Km. 188/4 on Chattarpur-UP Borader section of NH-34 on EPC mode Bridge8.58

19Const. of High level Bridge over Dhasan river at Km. 146/8-10 of Bhopal-Sanchi-Sagar section of NH-146 on EPC Mode. Bridge16.68

20Reconstruction of 29 nos.  Culverts and Minor bridges between Km. 3/8 to 87   Sagar- Chattarpur –MP/UP Border section of  NH-34Bridge39.73

212L+PS from Km 131 to 189/4 of Sagar- Chattarpur section of NH-34 on EPC mode. 57.42178.23

222L+ PS from Km 5.500 to Km 22.910 (KhilchipurJirapur section of newly declared NH-752 B on EPC mode25.18101.61

23 Strengthening work in km. 0 to 3200 BiaoraMaksudangarh Road on New NH 752 B 3.21.64

24 Strengthening work in km. 34.560 to 36 of Anjad - Thikari Road on NH-347B1.440.91

25Strengthening work in km.20 to 22 of (Jabalpur-Kundum-Shahpura-Dindori Road)  & Km. 194, 195, 219, 220 of SagarTola - Kabirchabutra stretch on NH- 45 Extn. 7.63.31

264L of Rewa to Maihar section of NH-30 (Package-I)69.19622

274L of Maihar to Katni and Katni to Sleemnabad section of NH-30 (Package-II)69.07622

284L of  Sleemnabad to Jabalpur section of NH-30 (Package-IV)68.26810.22

294L  of Jabalpur - Lakhnadon section of NH-30 & NH-3480.82928.83

304L of Biaora – Pachore- Sarangpur- Shajapur- Makshi- Dewas  Section of NH-52 141.261583.79

314L of Lalghati to Mubarakpur (Pkg-I) of Bhopal-Biaora Section of NH-468.275221.88

32Balance work of 2 L+PS of Bhopal-Sanchi Section of NH-14653.775167.2

334L of Nayagaon to Satanwarda of Gwalior-Shivpuri Section of NH-46971055

344L of existing road from km 169/6 to km 173/ 6 (Mohana Town Portion) of Gwalior- Shivpuri Section of NH-46 on EPC mode (Under One Time Investment )3.218.39

354L of existing road from SimariyaTekri to HaripuraTiraha road from Km. 41/8 to Km. 50/10 of NH-44 at Dabra Town and JaurasiMandir approach Road from Km. 22/4 to Km. 23/6 of NH-44 on EPC mode 10.349.75


Better roads will also contribute in saving transit time for both commuters and the transportation of goods. This also results in lower pollution as smooth vehicular movement helps in  lowering emission of pollutants.



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