Western leaders fear Vladimir Putin is planning to intensify a weakening Russia attack on Ukraine through a deadly nuclear attack or attacks on European interests. British and US spies have “credible intelligence” that Putin is preparing an attack that could change the course of the war, the Daily Mail reported. He also claims that Putin has realized the mistake of attacking Ukraine.

As The Mirror reports, the US embassy in Moscow is urging citizens to leave Russia amid fears that civilians could be drawn into its war. The US embassy has said that Russia may refuse to recognize the dual citizenship of American citizens. They may also refuse to provide consular assistance. Not only this, such people can also be banned from leaving Russia. The embassy also warned that it was difficult to leave Russia by flights, in addition to the closure of borders by troops.

According to the Daily Mail report, Russia is believed to have annexed 4 regions of Ukraine, which are said to have voted to join Russia, with residents being gunned down. was taken to the ballot box. These areas are – Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhya and Kherson. This entire area is 15 percent of Ukraine.

But Western countries are concerned that Putin is planning a nuclear attack to create a radiation zone there to block the advance of Ukrainian forces, the Daily Mail reported. Another fear they have is that Russia may cut the Internet cable lying under the sea. Earlier, Russia had also put its 3 lakh reserve soldiers in the war of Ukraine.

British officials believe Putin, as well as the Russian population, are now treating the war as a “big mistake”, the Daily Mail reported. He also feared that the partial mobilization of 300,000 troops might be to deceive the West into focusing on Ukraine while it tried to take advantage against Kyiv’s support.

Just a few days ago, Russia was blamed for the “deliberate” sabotage of the Nord Stream gas supply pipeline in the Baltic Sea, driving up energy prices.

Security sources told The Mirror that similar attacks could be carried out on leaked communication cables. Putin’s options are almost exhausted, he added, which makes possible a strategic nuclear strike west of the four regions he claims.

But another possibility is an attack on the communication cables between the UK and the US, which have European links to many of the states. Damaged Internet communication cables could be ‘very damaging’ to the world’s financial markets. PLC/GT


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