NSUI Will go to Court for Reinstatement of Nomination

New Delhi ,

The National Students Union of India (NSUI) strongly condemns the cancellation of nomination of Vikas Yadav, the NSUI’s Presidential nominee for the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union (JNUSU) elections. The RSS-BJP appointed JNU administration continues to shamelessly outdo itself in suppressing student rights and victimizing those standing up against its authoritarianism.

Vikas Yadav was sent a mail at 12:17pm on the afternoon of 07th September 2018 stating that he needs to present himself at 12.30 pm for a hearing before the Grievance Redressal Committee (GRC) with respect to a complaint filed against him on 05th September 2018. It is astonishing to note that Vikas Yadav was not informed about the complaint on the 05th or 06th September but was expected to be present before the GRC within 13 minutes of the receipt of the email. The cancellation of the nomination was deliberately timed for Friday to stop Vikas Yadav from approaching the court for immediate relief. Vikas was not informed of the grounds on which his candidature was suspended by the administration despite the protest by students outside Dean of Students Office.

It was later learnt that this action was taken by the University in pursuant of non-payment of a fine of Rs 20,000/- that was levied on Vikas for selling Pakodas in exercise of his legitimate right to free expression in campus as part of a political protest against Prime Minister’s insensitive remarks on unemployed youth. Vikas Yadav had approached the Delhi High Court against this attack on his freedom of expression and the court directed that no coercive action can be taken against him by the JNU administration till his appeal was adjudicated upon by the Vice Chancellor. Thus, this illegal cancellation of his nomination is tantamount to blatant contempt of court by the JNU administration, a clear case of vendetta and intimidation of a student for protesting against the political masters of the current administration officials.

NSUI will continue to fight till the nomination of Vikas Yadav is restored. This is not just a fight against the dictatorial JNU administration but against the RSS-BJP Government which is cracking down on dissent on campuses across the country and weakening academic freedoms by meddling in the functioning of universities.

While addressing the press, Ms Ruchi Gupta, Joint Secretary AICC and NSUI incharge said that the cancelation of Vikas Yadav’s candidature is clearly malafide and in contempt of the Court order. This is exactly what happened with our DUSU Presidential candidate Rocky Tuseed last year, we approached the Courts and not only did we get Rocky reinstated but we also won. Both these instances show that the administration of JNU and DU are rising in service of the ABVP by helping to knock out their opponents. We will approach the Courts on Friday.

Speaking on the incident, Sunny Mehta , the JNU incharge from NSUI  said that  the due to the fear of defeat from NSUI , the ABVP with the support of the ruling party has pressurized  the administration to cancel the nomination of the candidate of NSUI .Last year NSUI has strongly taken the stand with  the students before the University administration as well as the other higher authorities and had led protests against seat cuts, fund cuts etc which the students appreciated and supported  . Because of the increasing popularity of the NSUI in the JNU campus , the ABVP is trying to eliminate the NSUI from the election itself .

Describing the injustice done to him, Vikas Yadav , the candidate for the post of president, from the JNU student wing of NSUI said that  the incident on which  they were given notice has already been decided by  Honorable High Court and  the decision was in our  favour , he also said that  it seems to have been made to form a basis and to summon me completely under political pressure. Moreover despite the completely malafide nature of cancellation, the Left was mostly silent instead of raising the shrinking space for democracy in the campus



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