This is a dictatorship and we will respond to this dictatorship : Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi
Sonia Gandhi

Jaipur :  While addressing the huge public meeting of Congress Nyayapatra 2024 today at Vidyadhar Nagar Stadium in Jaipur, former Congress President Sonia Gandhi said that no one is above the country, but Modi considers himself great. They are violating democratic norms and instilling fear in the entire system, this is dictatorship. This country is not the property of a few people. Our ancestors have watered it with blood. This country is the courtyard of our children. Today the country’s democracy is in danger. Institutions built with hard work are being used to weaken democracy. The Constitution is in danger. This is dictatorship and we will respond to this dictatorship.

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi fiercely attacked BJP through the platform and said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taking all the corrupt people into his party and every corrupt person becomes clean as soon as he joins BJP. He said that unemployment is at its peak in the country and the dreams of the youth are being shattered, justice is not being provided anywhere, in such a situation our manifesto is the voice of this country. Priyanka said that today the situation has become so bad that hearings are not taking place anywhere in the country. Priyanka said that today unemployment is at its peak in the country but what did Modi ji and the BJP government do to remove it in the last 10 years.

He said that these people came up with schemes like Agniveer which dashed the hopes of the youth joining the army. Today papers are being leaked in every part of the country, youth are not getting jobs and the condition of the people is worsening due to inflation. At the same time, Priyanka said that as soon as the BJP government came to power, the Chiranjeevi scheme of the Gehlot government in Rajasthan was stopped and the insurance of Rs 25 lakh has now become Rs 5 lakh. He said that the big industries of the country are looking at the scammers, they are living in big palaces, thousands and crores of their loans are being waived off but no one is talking about the farmers. Priyanka further said that BJP leaders and Modi ji are living in a hollow world where only big events are being organized and the truth is hidden.

He said that 2 CMs are in jail today and while saying that there is an attack on corruption, they are including all the corrupt people in their party. Priyanka said that we are guaranteeing justice and will protect democracy because our ancestors have saved democracy. Mallikarjun Kharge said from the stage that Modi always confuses people. You have not done anything for the country, yet Congress people keep saying that you have done nothing, nothing has been done in 70 years. We are giving an account of 55 years. In Rajasthan-Jaipur or giving its account.

He said, don’t give account of what you did. You don’t have the strength to speak. If the matter arises, abuse the Congress, if the matter arises, abuse the Gandhi family. Mallikarjun Kharge, while targeting the Central Government, said, is this what has happened after Harishchandra? Modi ji is the master of lies. Made false promises like Rs 15 lakh to every person, issue of doubling farmer’s income, 2 crore annual employment. Kharge said that we gave guarantee in Himachal, then fulfilled it. 6 guarantees given in Karnataka, fulfilled. Given 6 guarantees in Telangana, that too was fulfilled. At the same time, taking a jibe at the Modi government, he said that doing nothing is Modi’s guarantee. Lying is Modi’s guarantee.


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