In the next one and a half year, the central government is going to give jobs to 10 lakh people. According to the information given by the PMO, within one and a half years, 1.5 lakh posts can be recruited in many central government departments. It was said by tweeting that PM Narendra Modi has carefully reviewed the human resources in all the ministries and departments. After review, he decided that in the next one and a half years, it should be worked in mission mode and 10 lakh people should be recruited.

This decision of Modi government is big news for the youth seeking employment. In cities like Patna, Allahabad, youth have demonstrated for railway recruitment. In such a situation, this announcement of the Modi government is great news for the youth seeking government jobs. On this move of the Modi government, BJP leader Varun Gandhi said, thank you Prime Minister for understanding the pain and heart of unemployed youth.

Along with creating new jobs, we will have to make meaningful efforts to fill up more than 1 crore ‘sanctioned but vacant’ posts. To fulfill the promise of providing 2 crore jobs every year, steps will have to be taken at a faster pace. During the Corona epidemic, the unemployment rate increased not only in India but also in America. In the private sector too, due to the lockdown, opportunities for new jobs became very less. In such a situation, the youth will get good opportunities with the announcement of 10 lakh jobs by the Modi government. PLC/GT


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