In their book Deep Smarts: how to Cultivate and Transfer Enduring Human Wisdom”, (Harvard Business School Press , 2005) ,Dorothy Leonard & Walter Swap have described how  to create “Deep smarts”, people with knowledge ,  expertise, experience and specialized skills. The authors feel that such expertise cannot be created, transferred or replicated quickly. Technology, formal learning and pedagogy have limited use in this process. Neither does it happen on its own through serendipity. Expertise develops continuously all the time – at work, play, at the water cooler, in the canteen, anytime, anywhere. Deep smarts need to be deliberately nourished and grown with dedication.

Thinksoft Global Services Ltd, an 750 plus strong, Chennai headquartered specialist software testing firm, celebrated and recognized its long serving employees. At a function held in The Leela Palace, Chennai on 23rd Nov’12, 149 of its employees were appreciated with “Long Service Awards”. The award winners were present with their family members, to receive the awards. Every year there are some surprise elements planned for the event, and this year it was a speed painter, Mr. Vilas Nayak who came up with the on the spot portraits of the 10 year service award winners.

Mr. D. Nandkishore, EVP, Thinksoft, said: “it   is only by consciously designing our own experience and deliberate practices and learning can we create sustainable ladders of expertise”.

Mr. R. Srinivasan, President, Europe and Asia business, Thinksoft, said “As specialists organization, it is critical for Thinksoft to have a pool of experts who can   establish the credibility unfailingly in each and every assignment and make the organization clearly stand apart from the bevy of generalists as value providers. “

Ms. Aarti Arvind, EVP, Thinksoft, expressed “We are very happy that these employees have understood the value of expertise and stayed for long haul to build this and there by growing our business”.

Mr. S. Anand, Head-HR, Thinksoft, emphasized “that more than a third of the employees were with the firm for more than 5 years and nearly a fifth of them have completed 7 years which is a good sign, in todays churning job markets”.


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