Strong sunlight causes a lot of damage to the skin. Due to heat, the skin gets dehydrated and due to sweating, due to sweating and imperfections, the pores also get clogged. To avoid all this, you need to take great care of your skin. Many people get confused in following skin care, because they do not understand how to start it. Especially people do not even understand what kind of skin care products they need.

1) Sunscreen- Sunscreen is one of the most essential skincare products in the summer season. It controls the damage caused by the sun and apart from this sunscreen is helpful in preventing the signs of premature aging such as dark spots, wrinkles. Consistent sunscreen use also helps reduce the risk of skin cancer.

2) Lip Balm- Due to lack of water in the summer season, the lips become very dry. In such a situation, it is necessary to use lip balm to pamper the lips and maintain moisture.
3) Cleanser- One of the most important steps is to include daily cleanser in your routine for skin care. It removes all the dirt, oil, sweat, impurity from your skin, it helps to feel fresh and clean the skin properly. You use it twice a day.
4) Moisturizer- Moisturizer is as important in summer as it is in winter. You can use a light moisturizer to keep the skin nourished and hydrated. Make sure to include a moisturizer in your skin care both morning and night.

5) Exfoliate- Exfoliants prove to be helpful in removing the dirt of dead skin cells and pores from the skin. It is okay to do this only once or twice a week to get clear and glowing skin. You can naturally include scrubs in your routine. PLC&GT


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