Registry of 27393 plots done in only 45 days, 69% more than the previous years


Chhattisgarh Government’s pro-public decisions has significantly boosted the real estate sector. These decisions have brought big relief to the middle-class families in the state, and State Government has received 69% more revenue within 45 days as compared to the previous year. State Government’s decision to lift ban on registry and sale-purchase of small plots, reduction in guideline rates of properties by 30% and simplification of land registry and diversion process has brought great relief to middle class families and common people and it has also led to unexpected increase in revenue so collected.

Chhattisgarh Government received Rs 152 crore as land registry fee between July 25 and September 10, 2019, which is 69% more than the previous year. Last year, State Government had recieved Rs 90 crore as land registry fee in the same duration. From July 25 to September 10, 2019, total 27 thousand 393 documents were registered within 45 days, whereas last year only 17 thousand 852 documents were registered in the same duration.

It is noteworthy that State Government is promoting real estate sector to help middle-class families realize their dream of own house. State Government has reduced the registry fee of flats and houses from 4% to 2% and has established single window system for all kinds of approvals and issuance of no-objection certificate.


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