There was a tremendous jump in the prices of wheat and other food grains in many markets of the world.

The grain crisis seemed likely to ease after news of a deal between Russia and Ukraine, but things have changed again after Russia’s cruise missile attack on the port of Odessa. There has been a tremendous jump in the prices of wheat and other food grains in many markets of the world. In the recent agreement in Turkey, there was an agreement on exporting grain trapped in Ukraine through the Black Sea. The United Nations and Turkey also played an important role in this agreement.

It is reported that prices in the futures market in Chicago rose 4.6 percent. At the same time, maize also saw a jump of 2.8 percent in the futures market on Monday. The special thing is that after allowing consignments through 3 ports including Odessa, the prices had fallen by about 6 percent on Friday.

Millions of tons of grain are stuck in Ukraine due to the closure of major ports after the Russian invasion. Here, smaller quantities have been sent via road and rail to large customers in the Middle East and North America. The special thing is that due to the deteriorating situation in Ukraine and Russia, the countries have also been forced to look for other places for supplies. Speaking to Bloomberg, a person familiar with the matter said that nine boats were present at the Odessa port, four of which contained corn worth $45.6 million. He informed that the boats carrying grain were going to Malta, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Panama.

Copies of the documents were posted on social media by Andrey Sibiha, deputy staff chief of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Under this, both the parties involved in the agreement were told not to attack ships or ports involved in trading activities related to grain. Ukrainian Army Southern Command spokeswoman Natalia Humenyak said the missiles had not damaged grain warehouses. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the Caliber cruise missile hit Ukrainian military bases in Odessa.


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